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How To Have The Best Year Ever In 2018

I sit here with a blank screen in front of me and ponder the question in the title to this article.  

Do I mean to have the best year ever in business or, in my personal life?

Writing with the perspective of a business owner, a solopreneur, or a business-mum,  I now know that both spheres are intertwined.  

Crazy as it may sound, until about three years ago, I didn’t realise that my personal life and all that it contained, would affect my business, and vice-versa.  

Being aware of that relationship and understanding how to adjust my attitude and response to events was a big step for me.  

I realised that the way I took on situations regardless of whether it was in business or my personal life mattered.  

During this past year I have seen more and more evidence of the mantra that what you believe comes true. I have seen this not just for me but for family and friends too.

Yet I have struggled in the past with  defining what I want. 

Maybe it was to do with upbringing (‘I want doesn’t get’) or being so overwhelmed with looking after my six  children and their needs and wants, that my needs had to be  removed from the picture.  

What does the best year ever mean for you?  
Are yours clear cut and well-defined?

Maybe they don’t need to be.  Maybe instead of goals and targets and numbers and things, we can measure our degree of ‘best – ness’ on how we feel.  

For the first time ever I can say that I do have ambitions for 2018.  I know what I want to feel..  

I want to feel  less overwhelm, less of a rush to ‘get there’;  less doing myself down and saying nasty things to myself.

Instead, my best ever year is going to focus on me being the best example I can to my children, and of all they choose to be.  

I do not want them to see a stressed, burnt-out, snappy Mum: that is not what I want them to  think how their future as a parent or partner will be.  

I want them to see the me that my clients get the caring, the fun, the spark of creativity, the performer on stage.

My best ever year is going to involve what I can choose to receive with open arms, and of what I can say ‘no’ to.

I will stop comparing myself with others, minimise complexity and allow my fun side more air-time.

And I will focus on three words to help me get there:

Love, Fun and Simplicity.

Do these feelings resonate with you too? How do you want to feel in 2018 and what three words will you choose to remind you?  

To make 2018 the best year ever let us all believe that is possible.

Julie Bramble

Julie Bramble

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