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The Strategist – Change Leader

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Strategists bring energy and excitement to the change process.

They have a clear view of how things could be and love to share and promote their ideas with others.But how they get it done highlights how are strategists different.

The Strategists are the visionaries and understand how all the pieces need to come together to create the future.

As leaders of change, Strategists are great guardians of the big picture, always helping others gain clarity and understanding of the journey ahead. But the process varies from how strategists are different from one another.

How are Strategists Different

The “Achilles Heel” of the Strategists is the ease with which they can become distracted by the next fascinating idea.

This can sometimes be interpreted as a lack of interest in seeing things through, an inability to finish what they start. However, it is not always as simple as that. It depends on how are strategists different.

Strategists are able to see the connection between ideas, almost any ideas.

This ability to join the dots between two seemingly incompatible ideas means that they can see the value in pursuing two or more things at once, in the strong belief that both, or all, could help in the attainment of a specific goal.

The problem then becomes one of overwhelm as the Strategist struggles to keep all the balls in the air, waiting for their vision to become a reality. The path they will take, however, will depend on how are strategists different.

How are Strategists Different: The Game Changer Plan 

The role of the Strategist is often to take the myriad of ideas borne out of the mind of the Game Changers and filter them; enabling everyone to focus on what is achievable in the desired timescales.

A strategy is all about describing the journey between the present and the future and to do that well, a Strategist needs to constantly scan the horizon, raise their awareness of the innovations and emerging trends, and combine, disintegrate and re-sequence to “Imagineer” the future. There are many paths to do this and the choice of way shows how are strategists different.

To lead change, the out-and-out Strategist needs help, they need someone to bring their vision to life and take action, so teaming up with Implementers and Polishers is always a good idea.

Despite the point I made earlier about the Strategist being able to see the connection and value of most ideas, it is true to say that their energy levels certainly deplete when it comes to realising their ideas. The action they choose to take shows how are strategists different from one another.  

They gain real satisfaction from the idea itself and are therefore seen as idealists by the more action focused people in the team.

This disconnect can be further exacerbated if the Strategist fails to engage the hearts of the people they are seeking to influence. Logic and pragmatism can be persuasive, but nowhere near as effective as an appeal to the emotions.

If this sounds a bit like you, recognise you have an important role to play in making change happen. People like clarity and can deliver significant and sustained effort if they are buoyed by a structured and ambitious plan.

Next time, we’ll consider the Implementer as Change Leader.

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

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