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Have A Happy and Prosperous 2019

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*Yes, 2019!

Are there any fans of Doctor Who or Star Trek out there?  

Well even if you are not I want to invite you to step into the Tardis with me, to travel into a happy and prosperous 2019!

Ways To Create A Happy and Prosperous 2019

I want you to visualise what your business and your life will look like. I want you to imagine what you will have achieved stepping into 2019 because we have just over a year to get you there. 

Things That May Happen in a Happy and Prosperous 2019

For instance, visualise;

The New You

  • You smile more.
  • You have rekindled that naive passion you had when you were just setting out for your business.
  • You are more chilled at work; more trusting of your team.
  • You have free time to do other things.
  • You are really clear about your true vision for your future and what you really value in life and in business.
  • Your kids smile more; you didn’t miss a single prize-giving or sports day this year.
  • Your spouse/partner smiles more.. maybe they’re even starting to complain that they’re seeing too much of you! :)
In short, this is when you realize you have achieved a happy and prosperous 2019.

The New Business

  • You are working less but earning more - who would have thought it?
  • You are getting compliments from customers now instead of complaints because of your consistent quality.
  • Your business is growing, with loyal, and returning customers increasing along with recommendations through word of mouth.
  • You are working on plans for growth and investing time in recruiting to your clear vision and values.
This is what a happy and prosperous 2019 will look like. 

In he happy and prosperous 2019 you will perhaps have a :

The New Team

  • Everyone seems to have a spring in their step, working towards a shared goal, and staying in the business because they are invested in your vision. They too want to make their way to a happy and prosperous 2019
  • Each person knows their job and performs each task the right way, every time, to your high standards whether you are there or not.  
  • There exists in your business a ‘can do’ culture.
  • Daily huddles produce fresh energy and ideas, keep momentum and catch problems early, not to mention keeping communication channels open.
  • Your development programme is training budding managers and leaders within the team and each person is learning new skills in line with your plans for future growth.
  • You are delivering regular feedback, and receiving input from your team.
  • There’s a real buzz about the place. Your quarterly rapid fire surveys show people feel involved and see their future with you.

Okay, now jump back into the Tardis: we are heading back to the present day.

Now you are here at the start of 2018, ask this question:

“What do I need to do this year to make that vision my reality”.

The answer is surprisingly simple but difficult.  The first thing you need to do is: Decide that you want to do it. Then only can you go on to make a happy and prosperous 2019.  

Sounds easy doesn’t it but it’s like wanting to lose weight or get fit;- all those well-meaning intentions that so often fall a way.

Unless you really, really, really mean it, it will not happen. So decide if you are truly serious about making it work because though it is not as hard as you may think it will take stamina and commitment.

You then need to: Identify your Vision and your Values.  

Remember, ‘No one can follow an uncertain trumpet.’

Your high-performing team needs a bold and exciting vision, not just to follow, but to buy into. More than that, you need to excite people about the journey.

You need to be clear about your values, your ethos, what matters to you.

This is vital for your high-performing team because you need to recruit to those values whether that be a passion for customer service or protecting the environment. You want to recruit people with a tongue in their head, yes, but those shared values will be the foundation for building a great team.

You then need to Plan.  

Once you know where you’re going, once you’ve established what matters to you, start to plan. 

Then focus on Creating the best customer journey you can.  Identify all the steps from beginning to the end of your customer journey, and the best ways of doing things with the involvement of your team and a loyal customer or two.  

Establish ‘the way we do things around here’ for each step to achieve that consistent quality and save waste.

This grows the team towards that goal of self-sufficiency and makes training so much easier.

Learn to manage your team.  It is not much of a secret but transforming a business (and sometimes a life), simply by showing you how to build a high performing team is a passion of mine.

As you implement your new vision, I suggest that learning how to manage your team can be anything from a five-minute daily huddle or finding someone doing something great every day and publicly praising them, to a more formal evaluation of the goals you have agreed with them and how they have been delivered.   

It is all part of growing that high-performing team and inspiring improved performance.  

This is just a taste of how to build a better and exciting future; a snapshot of how it could be achieved.   

Here is to your happy and prosperous 2019 and a game-changing 2018.

Marianne Page

Marianne Page

Senior ManagementInspirer, Motivator, Simplifier, Creator, High performing Team Builder…and Hugger

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