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Eating The Biscuit Is A Healthy Eating Habit And Not A Mistake

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In the health and fitness industry, a lot of people worry about making a mistake with their workouts or their food. Developing a healthy eating habit is thus essential.

They worry if they do have a healthy eating habit or are they eating the wrong thing as it will undo all the hard work that they have put in.

Developing a Healthy Eating Habit

So let’s look at this logically then and let's see what is really going on here.

If you are trying to lose a few pounds, nine times out of ten you have been here before: I am guessing you have been around the block and have ended up at the same spot. do I have a healthy eating habit? 

Do not worry most people do.

Yet when we decide that’s it, I’ve had enough time for a change, we watch a healthy eating habit diligently.

We plan with precision when we are going to the gym, carefully working out our plan for reps and sets; working out calories, and macros in MyFitnessPal, all because we don’t want to make a mistake and end up back at square one.

Chances are that if you make one small mistake, like miss a workout or cave into that biscuit that was left in the office, you will blow off the whole day.

And your mind says...

“That’s it….I ate that biscuit! It has ruined my whole day! I have killed my healthy eating habit”

Slips In A Healthy Eating Is Okay

Yet if you think about it, eating that biscuit is like dropping your mobile phone on the floor.

It happens.

The gut-wrenching moment when you just stop for a minute, process what has happened, and then say a little prayer before you pick it up.

You made a mistake. You dropped your phone. What do you do? You pick it up and carry on.

Think about it again: after picking up your phone, you do not then start stamping on it or repeatedly drop it on the floor to make more damage do you? A healthy eating habit is like that.

It is exactly the same when it comes to making small mistakes along our journey to fitness.

So what…you missed one workout. You ate one biscuit.

Trust me: to gain weight you need to miss a lot more than just one gym session and eat a lot more than just one biscuit. You have to develop a healthy eating habit

It takes a consistent approach of overeating, combined with the absence of training to get there!

So, one little mistake won’t hurt.

Just learn from it and move on, like it never happened. There are always going to be moments and if you think there won’t be you are kidding yourself. A healthy eating habit is good, but there can be slips.

Be mindful of what you are doing and welcome the mistake.

Barry and Laura Ash

Barry and Laura Ash

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