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Harness The Power From Your Best Mistake!

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How often throughout our lives and in particular our childhood years have we heard the expression that "we learn from our mistakes".

Do we actually believe this?

Are we living in an environment that gives permission to make mistakes?

Or alternatively does a blame culture prohibit creativity and the magic of errors that take us blindly down a path we were not expecting.

Have the courage to make your best mistake!

This isn't a green light to live life and run your business recklessly without consequence. But it does mean that by making mistakes you can learn and grow by making them along the way.

So adopt a curious approach to mistakes and stop looking at them as failures.

Making mistakes can be hugely empowering and gives you huge authority on the subject in question.

Adopt an approach that talks about trialling success; testing and measuring your ideas.

In the investment sector (where I have my business), the process of due diligence and research has been carefully crafted in order to analyse our past mistakes and those of others we have encountered along the way.

It has helped us create a robust criteria that continually assists our clients with their investment decisions.

You can only mitigate risk if you have a history of being in the eye of the storm and still bear the scars.

Each scar is a trophy of your experience and a crucial reference point as you grow personally and professionally.

Gavin Perrett

Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

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