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Find Your Soul In The Way You Live Your Values

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I was chatting to a client of mine recently who runs a successful telecoms business. On the surface he comes across as a happy and confident entrepreneur however under closer scrutiny over a cup of coffee it transpired that he was feeling a bit lost and empty.

Despite his many achievements he was left wondering if “that was all there was to look forward to”.

To the average observer he may appear ungrateful or lacking in appreciation, however in reality all that had happened was a failure to recognise other values that needed expression, or to rise to the surface.

I too experienced a similar epiphany a few years ago when I went to Tony Robbins UPW weekend.

All of a sudden I realised that I had been neglecting two values that had a much greater importance than I had previously understood.

With that insight I soon appreciated that success defined by money and business alone is not enough.

I could see that many of us feel bereft when it appears there is nothing else to achieve.  In fact we can bridge that gap by developing values - particularly the values associated with growth and contribution.  

Arguably philanthropy is not a purely selfless practice.  

The philanthropist derives so much spiritual and psychological benefit from giving.    

There are many forms of philanthropy and these can be explored by harnessing certain activities to the values of growth and contribution.  

These activities can reinvigorate a jaded mind and body, lift the soul and add a deeper sense of purpose to one’s life.   They also offer an opportunity to revitalise and recharge through identifying new skills and talents.   

They can create a whole new approach to life: for instance those who are in need of certainty, can through a commitment to education and growth find themselves changed, often letting go of views and habits that restricted their outlook in the past.  

It was through a commitment to the values of growth and contribution, that I developed new habits that have left me feeling as if each day has more  purpose. I would like to share some of these with you and hope they serve to inspire you:

Growth and contribution:

  • Undertake a random act of kindness – at least one a day?

  • Buy a homeless person some food – notice how you feel about yourself afterwards?

  • Smile at people as you pass them?

  • Say hello to people rather than put your head down and walk past. Don’t worry if they don’t reciprocate?

  • Give blood?

  • Visit an old peoples home?

  • Visit a prison?

  • Participate in xmas parcel deliveries?

  • Learn a language, studying alongside your business or career?

  • Take qualifications relevant to your career or business?

  • Take on a personal development courses – UPW, NLP, Coaching?

  • Harness your new learnings and educate those around you by volunteering to run training sessions. ?

  • Get involved with the local community – scouts, charities, open days, coffee mornings etc ?

Pick a few of these or add some of your own. Notice how you start to feel after just a few days. I think they offer a particularly good return on investment!

Gavin Perrett

Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

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