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Every Little Acts of Help

Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash

Pollution, global-warming, deforestation, extinction.

These words only begin to describe the dangers that now face our planet because of us humans.

We have a lot to answer for both collectively and individually, but how can we possibly start to battle this as entrepreneurs?

How can we do our bit? What little acts of help can we possibly put in?

Possible Little Acts of Help

If you’re anything like me, watching
Blue Planet recently, you’ll have endured a whole host of emotions - upset, angry, overwhelmed, helpless.

It was a hard watch, seeing these beautiful sea creatures being crippled and killed by plastic waste; some suffering a slow and agonising death.

I can feel myself getting all worked up again just thinking about it.

What little acts of help can I put in to save them?

It is easy to feel helpless when you see such pictures or hear news of countries where the army has been called in to clear mile after mile of rivers clogged with plastic waste, which have destroyed whole fishing communities.

It is perhaps easy to think ‘well what’s the point of my individual puny efforts.
They are less than a drop in the ocean!’

Well, at times when I get discouraged I think of this saying that I love:

Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity and fear of others. Never decide to do nothing just because you can only do little. Do what you can. You would be surprised at what ‘little’ acts have done for our world.’ - Steve Marabol

And lots of little acts of help do add up. Business Contributing to Little Acts of Help

As a small business, we have our own version of reducing waste by simplifying clients’ business operations including their Customer Experience.

We reduce waste by cutting down on repetition and by honing processes.

As a team and as individuals, we are all committed to doing our bit. We will be doing the little acts of help. It is in our values.

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing:

  1. Working from home in the main, saving on commute.
  2. Creating online versions of our courses and programmes. We introduced an online Manager’s Development Programme this year and continue to develop online courses and programmes as well as using webinars for ad-hoc training.
  3. Corresponding by e-mail and only printing when necessary
  4. Using eco-friendly cleaning products in the office
  5. Holding team meetings on Zoom (except for quarterly catch ups).
  6. Choosing venues for ‘live’ courses determined by attendees journey times and public transport links. Sharing journeys whenever possible.
  7. Carrying our own thermos cups if we’re grabbing a caffeine fix on the way to clients and using reusable water bottles. And of course it is second nature now to shop with a ‘bag for life’.
  8. Continuing to recycle and trying to cut down on plastic where we can.
  9. We even use bio-degradable doggy poo bags ;) Oh the joy!
  10. Keeping an eye out on social media and TV to learn what else we can do.

As you can see, a bit puny, nothing groundbreaking but it is our small contribution.

Do one thing: Please add any other hints and tips that you’ve introduced into your home or business; we’d love to hear them.

Marianne Page

Marianne Page

Senior ManagementInspirer, Motivator, Simplifier, Creator, High performing Team Builder…and Hugger

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