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Equilibrium: No 9 by 'H'

*Images are original works from 'Art by H's' collection
Acrylic and eco-solvent based paint on canvas - 120cm x 100cm

This piece was quite a significant breakthrough for me on my journey.

Until this point I hadn’t really dug deep to put my inner feelings into a painting.

I had been struggling with understanding where I was coming from with my art and needed a direction.

I had felt I was at a point where I needed to let go of these negative thoughts about not being good enough, and just throw myself into my art with full conviction and a clear mind.

This image is a self portrait of myself (which I had never done before) and felt very exposed by it, but needed to do at the same time as it was about me.

I used the negative image to portray my negative past thoughts and the water line to signify the present and my step into the unknown with my arms back showing no protection.

I wanted to strip back the face to show the clarity of thought in this step into the unknown so re-visited the glass skulls for this.

Antony 'H' Haylock

Antony 'H' Haylock

Designer | Artist | Art Director | Sculptor | Painter

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