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Dot to Dot or Stepping Stones?

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Is our life a dot to dot book or a series of stepping stones?

For me it is both.

I personally believe, everything happens for a reason.

We are where we are today because of the choices we have made and the choices we have allowed others to make for us.

When we are born we have no choice : our parents or carers look after us and make decisions on our behalf.

The problem is, that they do that from their view point and the way they see life and what they believe to be the right way for them.

That isn’t always the right way for us.

We are all born with a unique mission placed in our hearts in case one day we choose to be free.

Free to live OUR life the way WE choose!

This is OUR TRUTH and the reason we are here is to experience life.

In my experience, some of us get to a point in our lives where we begin to think…IS THIS IT?


Or this game of life is too friggin painful…I want out!!!

We don’t understand, because no one teaches us, that our pain comes from having travelled away from our true north.

We have been conditioned and programmed by a wider culture of fear based living and we all follow the masses.

We find ourselves hurting that we do what we can to cover up and numb our pain as a way of avoiding feeling bad.

We do this with food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, shopping, exercise, play up with behaviours – Perfectionism - and we condition ourselves to become reliant on something outside of ourselves.

This only creates more pain and heartache for ourselves and we are caught up in a downward spiral and picking up speed.

We create a story around our experiences and this becomes the lives we live.

Someone once said to me….

We can’t see the label of the jar we’re in!!!

Love it.

That jar is our life….Limiting hey!!

In this jar we have experienced real highs of pleasure and we have also experienced real lows of pain.

Our problems come from living in the real lows of pain and this begins to eat away at our ability to think and feel better, or think positively, or to even make a choice that will serve us and we spiral out of control….and the more rubbishy we feel the MORE RUBBISHY we feel!!

Then our mental health is affected.

The condition of our mind.

Seeing as the mind controls all things as it controls all thought…we now have a problem.

If the condition of our minds is negative and focusing on fear, then our lives will feel negative and fearful.

This is a common feeling when we experience depression.

When we experience depression, we lose a positive perspective.

We don’t see anything as possible and when we are in this low vibe, addicted state, we choose to see everything as bad or out to get us and then this becomes an habitual way of being.


Just like a knife is a knife: it can kill someone or it can cut them free.

If we go back to the place where we started asking the questions………What’s the point? Is this it?

When we begin to look back, and on reflection we can see that our lives have created a certain shape in our wake.

By joining the dots we can see the picture the shape creates.

Looking forward we can’t join the dots, so this leaves us to accept them as stepping stones for the next part of our journey, and to trust that they will one day become the picture in our wake.

We always have a choice as to how we step forward.

It is inevitable we are moving forward as the world is turning with or without our help, so we may as well do our best to remain active within the change.

We all have a unique purpose for our lifetime and our frustration comes from not fulfilling that purpose and once we begin to slow down the fast and consistent pace of our lives, we can, with a fresh perspective, see the lessons and the blessings that have come from all we have experienced.

We can begin to consciously apply those lessons more a more peaceful and fulfilled way of living.

Because…what’s the alternative?

Having the courage to step out on the stepping stones ahead of us and to trust they will, one day, make sense as to the shape they have created, is what will help us live a life of empowered choices.

Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

Transformational Mentor and Speaker

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