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Don't Wait For Your Ship To Come In

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Don't wait for your ship to come in

Swim out and meet the bloody thing.

Life presents us with so many opportunities and sometimes we are so closed off or simply not listening so we miss them. We wonder why luck isn't on our side, or someone else gets all the best things.

Action is everything in life.

I love swimming in the sea but I can't wait in my cottage until the sea comes up the mountain and laps at my feet. I have to get up and get down there.

Same thing with business, you have to put the groundwork in.

Many years ago when I started my business I went to every networking event going.

I worked my backside off and made connections locally and across the globe. Some 8 years on I am still reaping the rewards.

Action is everything.

If you have a website which I really hope you have, then every page should be asking in some form or another for people to take action and make contact with you.

Keep moving forward.

Action creates opportunities and opportunities bring rewards.

So my friend, decide what you want, take a step forward and go get your ship

Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan

Founder of One Planet One Place

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