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Do You Ever Find Yourself Saying NOW WHAT?

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Sometimes in life things don’t quite go to plan.

Have you ever had one of those days where things just don’t work out quite right ?

When I started my journey into motivational speaking and coaching I had a few of these days.

Not knowing where to start; asking myself am I doing this right ?

When I started writing my book “Tips to create the life you desire” and wanting to turn my dream into a reality, i kept asking myself “Can I do this?"

Am I good enough?

How can I make this happen ?

After a while, you start to make progress and feel things are going in the right direction.

Then obstacles come and knock you off course.

What I have learned is every day is a day to get better.

Every day is a day to learn and grow.

Obstacles always come, but obstacles are a way to get stronger and better.

It is how you react to the obstacles that will have the biggest impact in moving forwards.

I had a dream to be a motivational speaker.

I created my own self-hosted event and as I worked away on it obstacles started to appear.

The day I started to promote the event I received news that my mom had developed cancer of the kidneys.

For a while the news knocked me off course and although, thankfully it was a mis-diagnosis, at the time it presented a massive obstacle that I had to overcome.

I learned the importance of spending time with loved ones and I learned from my own inner strength that no matter what life throws at you, you keep going, no matter what.

I am happy to say my first event was a great success but there were constant obstacles to deal with like filling the event, venues, speakers, equipment, creating and practicing my speech.

At that point I had never stood on stage and spoken before.

I had to dig deep, truly believe in myself, whilst dealing with the fact that I would be speaking alongside high-profile speakers with big track records.

The simple will, to stay focused and no matter what to see the obstacles as a way to learn and grow and get better.

Fast forward 12 months and I am speaking all over the UK.

I am a published author and am helping other speakers and coaches to develop their work as public speakers.

I know how hard the journey into public speaking is.

That is what led me to create the “Brilliance Speaker Programme” to help established speakers and coaches to use their voice, to set their aspiration as public speakers and to build their self-confidence.

Using my seven step process I give them the tools and guidance they need to use their voice to start with a clear direction and understanding of what is required and what they must do.

We all face obstacles, every day, and when going out on your own, you learn quickly what it feels like to not know how to really get things moving.

I learned not to ask myself “Now what?”

Instead I ask “What now?”

Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler

Professional Speaker | Author | Public Speaking Coach

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