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Defining A Great Year

As 2017 draws to a close it is natural for us to reflect on the year and make an assessment of how successful it has been for us. This period of review can be a useful starting point when giving thought to the following year and how best to prepare for it.

Below are some strategies that I employ when planning my business and personal goals:

  • Reflect on 2017 first – what worked well (did you celebrate those victories?) and what could have gone better? Be kind to yourself whilst conducting this analysis and adopt a curious rather than critical mindset

  • Set out clearly defined goals. Be as specific as you can and your subconscious will make a solid attachment to them and you will be more likely to achieve them

  • How will you know when you’ve achieved your goals? Imagine what it will feel like when you have hit the target. What can you see/hear/taste/smell? The more you use your senses the more firmly embedded your goals will be in your neurology.

  • What are you core values? Understand them first and then the goals that you set will be congruent with you and you will be more likely to fulfil them

  • Are your goals really for you or for others? Are you setting them because that’s what you are “expected” to achieve or because you truly want them to happen?

  • Don’t leave your year plan until January – that’s too late. Make sure its done by the end of December. It is useful to have some time to get used to your goals before you start work on them.

  • Avoid overwhelm by setting out your goals initially over 12 months and then split up into 90 day chunks.

  • Separate goals into personal and professional and give both equal attention

  • Use a balance wheel to partition the goals even further

I find planning a rewarding process and even during this early stage my subconscious mind starts processing and finding solutions that pop into my head at the most random moment. I hope you find these tips as useful as they have been for me.

Wishing you a richly rewarding 2018!

Gavin Perrett

Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

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