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Building on my earlier blogs about Attitude and Belief, I want to consider Confidence.

The elusive – some people have it, some people don’t – ability to just get on with life and not be bothered about the fear of failure, making a mistake or what people think.

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation”

Arthur Ashe, Tennis Player

For me, confidence is something that has rarely been an issue since my teenage years when a streak of rebellion led me to realise that I wasn’t bothered about what people think about me.  

Not that I am a sociopath or anything, I just don’t worry about what people think about me and certainly not to the point where it makes me stop what I am doing or plan to do. Well, mostly.

It is not the same for everyone.

Confidence is shaped and influenced by many elements of our lives: gender differences, background, schooling, class, sexual identity, work experiences, travel, peer group and parenting will all have an impact.

One of the main factors for me is being able to separate my thinking on a subject from the opinions of others.  

After all, other peoples’ thoughts are none of my business and I am not shaped by someone else’s silent judgements, even if these judgements sometimes show up in their faces!

Confidence can ebb and flow and sometimes it needs a bit of a boost and there are multiple ways we can do this:  music, change of scene, more sleep, exercise, talking to an old friend, watching a favourite film, looking back at how far you have come on your journey or, as I did recently, speaking to a coach or mentor.

Whilst I advocate that the ABCD of the Enterprise Alphabet work as a virtuous spiral it sometimes needs some help:

Attitude – a positive attitude helps you in all areas of your life as it boosts your personal resilience and has the added bonus of being seen by others as a great asset;

Belief – can be strengthened by a positive attitude and approach, especially when trying something new or outside our comfort zones.

Confidence is often a direct result of positive Attitude and Self-Belief and can be practised through something as simple as meeting preparation.

Some things you can’t prepare for, but most you can such as:

    •    Reading around a subject – eg: business planning
    •    Watching ‘how to’ clips on YouTube to pick up practical tips?
    •    Speaking to people who have already done what you’re planning or can coach you?
    •    Rehearse  your part in a play or speech?
    •    Revise before your exam or test?
    •    Practice your presentation?

You need to be careful that you do not undergo “paralysis through analysis” and use ‘preparation’ as an excuse to procrastinate and stagnate.  

Preparation should be approached in order to feel confident ‘enough’ to start something.

Confidence is something that changes from time to time and will grow or shrink in line with successes and failures of different kinds.

Since being in business for over 12 years – and with 17 years of ‘proper’ jobs behind me - there have been times when the orders are coming in and the cash is flowing, and other times when the money seems like a long way off and bills are due. Some of my ‘brilliant ideas’ haven’t worked and I have spent funds on items I have never used.  

But throughout it all as an entrepreneur, it is me who has had to lead the team and bring in the orders and make big decisions.

As with all entrepreneurs there comes a time when new projects are needed to challenge the market place and yourself.  

Now is one of those times when BIG IDEAS are needed but procrastination has kicked in.  I have called on a coach to encourage self-reflection, review my skills, the progress we have made, and where we have come from.  

This has helped to confidently shape a new Vision of what we do.   

“We want to work with businesses and organizations to support schools and equip every year 9 student with the skills, attitudes and armour to help them face the challenges ahead”.

I think you will agree this is a big vision.  I am sure you will also agree that we need to realize this vision with some BIG doses of

As an outcome of reading this blog I want you to consider what takes away your feelings of confidence? And do less of that!

Think about what gives you confidence or supports and builds your confidence…and do MORE of that.

Simple eh?

Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard

Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard

Professional Speaker, MC, Educational Workshop Deliverer and Developer, Enterprise and Manufacturing Champion.

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July 10, 2017 by Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard


Building on my earlier blogs about Attitude and Belief, I want to consider Confidence.

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