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Choice by Choice - Be The Change Agents

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

The world is changing at a pretty fast pace these days and it seems every time a new issue is highlighted, another one appears.

Most of us in our everyday lives are aware of the alarming environmental issues causing destruction to our planet.

Yet somehow, we can get caught up in the blame game, pointing fingers at the government, corporates and other countries environmental policies.

It's time we become the change agents.  

I wonder for a moment when was it that things started to change? 

When did it become ok to create so much long-term devastation?

How is it that so many people cannot see the destruction being done to the very place that survival of the human race depends on?

All these can be addressed if we become the change agents. 

So many of us have forgotten that deep inner connection, the one that’s often re-ignited by a walk in the forest or a stroll along the beach.

Nature always has a way of bringing us back to the innate peace and essence of who we really are, and yet it is this very thing, nature, that we human beings are all too often quick to destroy in order to meet and serve our ‘human needs’.

It's time to rise up and become the change agents to address these issues. 

The Process to Follow For Becoming the Change Agents

Very rarely do we take time to stop and pause.

I wonder for a moment, what would happen if we did?

What would happen if we all took a moment to reflect and to remind ourselves of the place we all come from?

The wisdom we let go of?

The very fact that everything we see, feel and touch comes from this earth and will return to this earth.

Nothing physical leaves this space, we all return to the soil of the ground and we are all fed from the soil of the ground, but seldom do we even take one moment to appreciate it.

We understand this philosophy when we become the change agents. 

What would happen if we did?

What would happen if we all took that time to reflect, reconnect, and reminded ourselves of the cycle of life that allows us to be here?

Maybe we are simply not ready for this yet.

Maybe it would be too painful to do so.

Maybe we believe we simply don’t have time to make better choices.

Or maybe we are not yet ready to take on the personal responsibility that really grasping this deeper understanding would bring.

By becoming the change agents we will be able to ponder on these. 

I ask you now to take a moment and really allow this to sink in, allow yourself to go into the knowledge that everything you put into your mouth, everything that goes into your families mouths came from, and will return to the earth.

What does that really mean to you?

What would change about the way you see and treat the planet?

What would change about the choices you make?

Maybe thinking along these lines will help us in becoming the change agents. 

How To Become The Change Agents

The Native Americans said “we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” 

What is going to be left for our children if we fail to do what is needed to save the oceans, to save the forests, to save the planet as a whole?

In order to leave some resources for our children, we have to become the change agents. 

We are so caught up in our individual needs that we as a society forgot to teach we are each part of the whole, what is in one is in us all.

One day this will sink in, one day society will be ready to really grasp this notion and things then may start to change.

I wonder when society and its inmates will be ready for becoming the change agents?

I wonder when you as an individual, an individual whose part of the whole be ready?

When we choose individually to be the change we wish to see in the world, that is when together we create ripples that lead to greater external change.

Choice by choice, little by little, things start to shift, people start to listen.

The outside chaos and destruction we are facing in these times is a direct reflection of the internal chaos the human race is suffering every single day, it’s a by-product of living in such a fast-paced world where we want everything quicker, better, faster.

Yet sometimes in order to speed up, we need to slow down.

If we all took a pause and looked at what’s happening in the world around us, we can begin to make better choices, we can begin to create the change to the world around us.

So, I challenge you today to take a little time;
take the time to appreciate your surroundings;
take the time to appreciate your body;
take the time to nourish your mind;
take the time to feel the ground beneath your feet;
And take the time to give thanks to this beautiful planet that gives life to us all: our home.

Be the change you wish to see: choose to walk the Earth with gratitude and give thanks every day for all that we have.

Louise Danielle

Louise Danielle

Mindset Coach

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