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Change Our Environment: Change The Way You Live Your Life

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In the business world I too often see competition that is unhealthy: people losing sight of each other, actively working against each other, or simply not caring.

I see people chasing money, chasing the cars, chasing the next big win, and not caring who they step on to get there.

This lack of care in the world is seen every day on television, and in the supermarkets.

Unhealthy food that is not good for humans but good for the balance sheet.

Waste food chucked away while homeless people wait to see where the next meal comes from.

People hurting each other with words. Animal cruelty. War.

How do we change this? How do we better care for our world and ourselves?

A world of collaboration, kindness and love is one where we would all thrive.

Through my life I have faced big challenges and have had to overcome internal and external issues.

Through all of it I have learned that in order to change the external, you have to change the internal.

I have learnt never to underestimate the power of One - the power of You.

To make a real change you have to face your own inner demons, work on what is preventing you from being your true self.

Understanding that by living from an unfounded sense of who you are, you cannot live from your own true self.

It takes work to change. But the joy of giving love and kindness, striving for a life of true happiness and peace, is worth the effort.

The rewards of of working together and collaborating with each other are different to the ones we seek in materialistic existence.

We have a choice; to strive for a world of collaboration, of love, where we all know our true-selves.

Or we feed the ego-mind, harming ourselves and the world in which we live.

What changes could happen around you from the changes you make on yourself?

You are more powerful than you think.

Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler

Professional Speaker | Author | Public Speaking Coach

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