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Bust Your Video Shyness

Who doesn’t have a love hate relationship with video!

As an Entrepreneur you know it is important to build your profile and deliver your message.

Video has a far greater impact on social media platforms and part of the reason for that is that 40% of the population take in information visually and 15% by listening, and 5% audio-digital.  

That means that 60% of the population are pre-disposed to video as a medium.  

Video helps to increase the Know, Like, Trust factor for you: it helps your audience to feel more connected to you, when they can see you as You on video.

But it is hard if you want improve on  the shaky handheld Facebook “Lives” and make quality videos.  

Equipment, lighting, filming, endless takes just because you keep fluffing your lines ….

No wonder we call in the professionals!  

Yet a camera crew, hair, makeup, setting, and full production can be beyond the budget for many starting out.  

Very quickly you can find yourself back to square one: DYI video. Apart from the budget issue there is often anxiety that goes with seeing what we look like on video! I have had so many coaches and entrepreneurs confide to me that they avoid making videos because they don’t like how they look on screen.. 

Yet all is not lost.  

You do not  have to look like Brad Pitt or a supermodel, or call in a production crew to make your next training or marketing videos.   You can give your videos that professional pazazz yourself.

Here are the 4 Must Dos for Your Videos – even for the video-shy.

1. Know your Content

Have a plan of what you’re going to say beforehand. You do not need a full script;  scripted can come across as artificial and ‘read’ in your delivery, but It is important to know what you want to say before you press record.

This helps reduce the amount of awkward pauses and filler words like ‘um’.  Impromptu videos are fun for your audience but  can miss the mark completely and sink into a black hole of lost viewers if you are rambling on about nothing in particular. So even impromptu needs some content planning behind it.

Simply put, know what you are going to say. Truth is that as much as you may worry what you look like on video, your audience are far more interested in the content you deliver to them, rather than if you have a hair out of place or your eye bags are a bit puffy today. 

Content is Always King.


2. Be Naturally You

You can lose your mind trying to remember a script for your video. Your body becomes stiff and awkward, as you worry about what you sound like, look like, and trying to remember that darn script! ??Use a teleprompter
For scripted videos I think a teleprompter is a wonderful asset. You can relax more as you don’t have to focus on trying to recall every word you attempted to memorize.

You can be naturally you. It is important to remember when using a teleprompter to make sure your tone is conversational, rather than sounding like you are reading.

3. Create your own Studio

To make great videos, background and lighting are almost as important as your content. Almost.

Find an area in your house or office that has good natural light.

The light will change at different times of the day so do some test videos at different times to see at which time, the lighting is best and shows you in the most flattering way on your video.  I find the morning sun gives me beautiful light in my lounge room for being on video.

Also notice the background to your videos. What ambience or look do you want to create for your videos?

Make sure it’s one that suits your target audience. You may like a comfy sofa and a vase of flowers, or to be seated in an office chair with a studious looking bookcase full of books behind you.

Maybe for a relaxed feel to connect with your audience, a cup of tea in the kitchen, or a pint of beer outside on your patio.

If you don’t have a suitable environment with good natural lighting, there’s always the plain white wall. If you’re not keen on the minimalist look, you can buy backdrops and pop them up wherever the lighting is good.
If you don’t have good natural lighting, then purchase studio box lights. They’re not expensive. You will find them on EBay. I think it’s a good idea to have an external microphone that will plug directly into the camera. This will reduce the amount of outside noise in the video and help your voice be heard clearly.
Speaking of the camera – you can do your entire video on your iPhone popped up by a tissue box.

You have to start somewhere!

Though do leave holding the selfie stick if you want your video to look remotely professional. When you can, invest in a decent digital camera that enables you to film video though don’t let the lack of one hold you back, as video is critical for building your brand and establishing yourself as an authority via delivering quality information.
And if you want to stop stacking boxes to get the right height for your video, then a tripod is a wonderful investment.

4. Call to Action

You’ve lured your viewers with your video headline, charmed them with your content, make sure you give them something specific to do at the end of watching your video.

Your Call to Action. Ask them to buy the product.

To email you with their biggest problem. To share your video, comment or opt-in for your free content. If they’ve taken the time to watch your video rather than scroll past, then they’ve already invested their time in you, so ask them to take it a step further.

If you follow these 4 must dos for your videos, you will look good, sound good, and give valuable content that your audience can use.

Happy videoing!  I am looking forward to seeing you build your profile and stepping into the spotlight!

Vanessa Talbot

Vanessa Talbot

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