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Dictionary definitions of attitude broadly capture three variants of what atttitude is...

  • your manner, mood, disposition or feeling regarding another person, situation or thing;
  • your corresponding posture or body position to express the mind’s choices;
  • and the third is from aeronautics – which describes an aircraft’s attitude as the inclination of its three principle axes, relative to the wind and the ground.

I like all three and notice that they are almost one and the same.

For most people, it is about letting circumstances influence and set their attitude – in which case we get hurled around by the winds of our life and imminent impact with the ground of reality!

Here are some Attitude Shifters – stand-alone inspirers – to help you to raise your attitude to a higher, more powerful positive place.


The attitude you have chosen to have right now may not necessarily be the most optimal for the situation you are in, or about to go into, or that you wish to change.

The business of today’s life, the pace at which words and moods alter and impact us, means that, before you know it, your attitude is off.

Attitude choice comes from your calm center.

Breathing is the body’s natural task, conscious breathing injects a gap, a moment to become calm and get back to overview rather than overwhelm.

Sit or stand comfortably away from distractions.
Breathe in slowly through your nose.
Hold your breath for a few seconds.
Breathe out, slowly and fully.
Repeat up to 10 times.

Getting to the 10th repetition will be a challenge at first, as your busy mind attempts to haul you back to thinking about what it considers to be urgent.


Your attitude will already have shifted and your ability to choose what it will now become has returned.

Smell the Roses

One of my favourite and much recited phrases is: “Nothing changes unless something changes,” and I get it to apply it to many personal development situations!

Many people are stuck, trapped in repeating patterns that simply don’t feel great, and the outcomes and results are less than they hoped or just don’t give any positive feeling when achieved.

One of the first places they need to focus on is their physical environment.

Where are they working, what is their proximity to others, what are the habits and movements of the team (where do they go, repeatedly?).

There is a correlation between that stuck, and sometimes glum attitude, the lack of movement, stale or unnaturalness of a working environment.

To sit at a desk in an office, staring at the same things, hoping that the mind switches gears (and attitudes) is futile.

Get Up and Smell the Roses.

Install plants, go out into nature, even for just a few minutes.

The dramatic environmental switch will shift your mood, and your view on the challenge in which you were once sat will shift.

Creative Protection

When demands for you to create and produce are high, particularly when coupled with your own high expectations, it will overwhelmingly seem that every moment is loaded with a need for you to be doing something productive.

The tighter this tension grips, the less productive you will become!

This type of overwhelm eventually shifts your mood and triggers less than helpful new thoughts.

Your attitude is in peril.

A gentle, mindful intervention is required.

I have written about alleviating these tensions and pressures in The Impact Book and The ‘Keep It Simple’ Book.

Here are three shifters specifically for your attitude that scale up, depending on your state.

Remind Yourself – that ‘everything is ok’.

Returning to this simple mantra to trigger memories of times equally or more challenging that you have worked through.

Sometimes this is enough of an attitude reset.

What is your core reminder statement?

Does it need an upgrade?

Mindful Awareness – any step you take towards mindfulness has a calming and positive effect.

All there is to do is notice.

How do you feel?

What are you thinking?

You don’t need to change these, just notice them, judgment-free, curious-full.

Emotions move (they are in motion). What are your thoughts, feelings and sensations now?

Meditate – It may take effort to get yourself to stop and sit quietly so, if your meditation muscle is weak, turn to inspirational music.

I have explored widely and experimented often with guided and non-guided meditation tracks, short and long, with and without music or nature sounds or binaural beats.

Are you ready to sit quietly?

What’s on your playlist or what could be to help you?

Enjoy protecting and releasing your creative productivity!

Simon Tyler

Simon Tyler

Inspirational speaker | Facilitator | Coach

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