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Breaking Through The Visibility Mistake

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There is a belief in the entrepreneurial world that to be visible you have to show up EVERYWHERE.

This belief is a fast track to overwhelm and burnout!

When building your profile to attract clients and opportunities, you could find yourself on the hamster wheel, doing a multitude of things that make you super busy and achieve little.

What’s worse is that you may hate doing it all but you have been told it is what you need to do to get anywhere.

So you show up in every Facebook group, on Instagram, on Linkedin, on Snapchat. You do FB lives and videos non stop.

You blog till your head aches, speak at live events, get yourself in the media, and accept every offer of collaboration available. You attend every network meeting and are out all day and night.

And you never spend time at home with
your family .

Exhausting isn’t it?

I have some wonderful news.

You do not need to be visible EVERYWHERE.

And even if you have been making this mistake, do not worry: it is fairly easy to turn around.

To establish an impactful profile where people are taking notice of you and your work, you only need one or two good solid visibility strategies, and consistent FOCUS on them and make them work.

Choose two, maximum three strategies to connect with your market; ones that you feel you can excel in, and that you enjoy so you are using your natural strengths.

This will ensure that you feel strong, empowered, and are acting from flow because you will be doing the things you love.

This will encourage your innate RADIANCE to come out and that is what will attract people to you and build your following.

That is how visibility is built.

Yet visibility can give a false sense of success.

When attracting clients it is better to be memorable rather than just visible. In other words I may see you but do I care ?

Make sure they care. Using your new found focus on visibility, make your audience care by truly connecting with them through your personal story.

Show them your life, the hardships and the wins.

What is it about you that stands out? Use it. It is your magic.

This will give you powerful visibility without an exhausting profile building schedule.

You do not have to be seen everywhere. You only need to be everywhere in your market’s world.

Vanessa Talbot

Vanessa Talbot

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