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Being Courteous While Promoting Trust and Reassurance

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Have you ever heard the expression that it is impossible to not communicate?

Even when we say or do nothing we are communicating.

Methods Of Promoting Trust and Reassurance 

In business the manner in which we communicate speaks volumes about our values and principles and to a prospective client, it provides them with a snapshot of what they can feasibly expect from you in terms of ongoing service, integrity and support. That is the best way for promoting trust and reassurance. 

For example, if you require the services of a company and you send them an email or leave them a message and there is a delay before they respond then it won’t be long before alarm bells start to ring. Such small details must never be overlooked while promoting trust and reassurance. 

How To Be Promoting Trust and Reassurance 

If I engage their services will they turn up on time?

Will they turn up at all?

In networking circles this is even more relevant as business has courted both ways. If a networking colleague is slow to pay you then you may be reluctant to engage their services.

There could be a perception consciously or otherwise that money may be an issue for that company; will my money be at risk if I engage them in a service where I am required to put
down a deposit?

Everything that you do and say or not do and not say is shaping an impression of how you are likely to behave in a Business to Business or Business to Client environment. They have an impact on the processes you choose for promoting trust and reassurance 

Put yourself in your clients shoes and give some thought to the whether or not the “communication experience” is a pleasant one. Do you issue prompt responses to emails
and calls.

Do you make efficient use of holding calls and emails. Find out a clients preferred method of contact. I have one client that responds quickest to Whatssap and another by Facebook.

Use those mediums to prompt communication but stick to emails for your core content as this sets a professional precedent.

Gavin Perrett

Gavin Perrett

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