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Being A Global Citizen And Making Business Sustainable

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The idea of being a global citizen may sound strange to someone running a small business, but the reality is that most – if not all – companies now have a worldwide impact as part of their normal operations.

This is because company purchases naturally support the business practices of the supplier and manufacturer regardless of their own choices.

Even though our own efforts may seemed to be dwarfed by the extent of the global issues you can create a better worldwide environment as part of your normal course of operations.

Learn About the Practices of the Manufacturers that Supply Your Goods

When these practices are exceptionally good, you may not have to make much of an effort to do this.

Manufacturers tend to advertise the good, such as paying fair wages or taking steps to be environmentally-friendly.

It's harder when your suppliers don't say anything about themselves.

This could mean that their practices are merely average for their area, but it could also mean worse.

Then, we believe that you should try to get the facts.

While it may be cost-prohibitive to go to visit a distant supplier to see for yourself, you can sometimes find out by checking with a government or local agency that has done the necessary footwork.

Source From Companies that Make a Positive Impact

Both at home and abroad, companies depend on their customers to stay in business. Use your money positively to help other good global citizens grow.

As long as you do this, you won't have to worry about boycotting one business or another – your money will naturally go to who and what you want to support, and away from those you do not.

Cultivate Closer Relationships with Your Suppliers

If you get to know your suppliers as more than just lists of items that you can buy, you may be able to influence them in a more direct way.

Then, you have a chance of convincing them to adopt positive practices that they may have thought nobody cared about or that they just hadn't considered at all.

You also gain the opportunity to strengthen your own social network and improve your own growth.

Collaborate, rather than just buy, and work together to spread the message of responsibility in collective action.

These are just some ways you and your company can be global citizens even if you don't think of yourself as an international businessperson.

We're sure that you'll find even more if you make it a practice to look for ways to improve life around the planet.

William Buist

William Buist

Business Mentor and Founder of the xTEN Club.

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