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The Perfect Way: Balancing Business and Life

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The next generation, I believe, will want a successful business but not at the expense of a life. Thus for them, it is important to be balancing business and life.

Business owners! Have you ever stopped to think what your kids think of your business? Have you ever asked them? I wonder if they appreciate that your sixty hour week is all for them?

That all your hard slog, you never taking a break is all for their future? Are you truly balancing business and life? 

I wonder if that’s the sort of future they see for themselves?

Why Is It Important To Be Balancing Business and Life

Most self-employed people in the UK work extremely hard; they have a great work ethic.

Some believe that is the only way to do business; others are secretly in love with the struggle and wear their ‘long hours’ as a badge of honour. But they do not understand the importance of balancing business and life.

They love to complain about it but do nothing to change.

When I ask clients to think about their Vision for their future in life, incorporating their business, one of the things they most always come up with is ‘to have great relationships with my family’.

In working through how to achieve that Vision they realise in order to have great relationships in the future they need to start working on them today. Thus balancing business and life becomes important. 

They begin to see their future as ‘a life which includes my business’ rather than, ‘here’s my life and over here’s my business’.

How will youngsters, who perhaps never saw a parent during the week when growing up, who were always disappointed as it dawned on them that yet again mum or dad wouldn’t be coming to sports day, want their working life to pan out?

Will this long-hours culture, this business umbilical cord evident even on precious holiday time, really inspire them into self-employment?

I can’t answer that but I can imagine many youngsters looking at their parent’s business model and thinking, ‘there must be a better way’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure many will be incredibly proud of their parent’s achievements and will understand why they couldn’t always be there for those sports days etc.

I am sure many too will appreciate the lifestyle that hard work afforded them.

How To Be Balancing Business and Life

The next generation, I believe, will want a successful business but not at the expense of a life.

They will want a more harmonious relationship between running a business and having quality family time.

How can that be achieved?

Remote working, connectivity and continuing technological advancements will all help but the only way they will realise this balance of harmony in my view is by realising and embracing the power of systems in business.

Systems can take you from ‘self-employed’ to ‘entrepreneur’, from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Most importantly great systems will add value to your business and give you the time freedom to build relationships. That is how you will be balancing business and life.

They will not only give you the wherewithal to break the umbilical cord and not see business as ‘your baby’ but give you more time to spend with your real baby, if that’s what you want! :)

I would encourage any young, budding entrepreneur to check systems out before they start a business and so begin the way they need to continue.

The first three under sixteens to get in touch ([email protected]) will each receive a signed copy of my book, Simple Logical Repeatable for their school library. (Amazon Kindle Business No.1 bestseller)

In the meantime, for all those over 16’s out there, do one thing: revisit your business vision. ask yourself; Is it a Vision for your life which happens to include your business? Try balancing business and life at the same time.

Marianne Page

Marianne Page

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