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Another Dawn, Another Chance To Make A Difference

*Images are original photos from Simon Jordan's collection
The late great Jim Rohn once said...

'we're paid for the value we bring to the world, not our time'

I truly believe if we have a skill / talent then we should use it for the greater good.

What you put out there there you get back, so by sharing our knowledge and wisdom we can make a diffference to the world around us.

Baiju has a talent for connecting people and creating businesses, so aren't we lucky he decided to share his talent and create this platform which in turn has allowed the contributors to share their talent, which again helps those reading it add value in some way to their lives.

If we all share then we all learn and benefit and in the universal law, when we give love, we get love.

So on this day what difference will you make, who's life will you impact?

We need you and your skills.

Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan

Founder of One Planet One Place

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