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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I started this with a cliche -  actions speak louder than words -  and as often with these things, there is an element of truth in this that must be properly dissected to imbue the reader with wisdom.

I also find the real beauty of inspirational statements like this is that you can interpret your own meaning into them.
So here is my take.
Actions are fantastic, they show direction, velocity, intent, they show advancement.

They show that you have the confidence to go out there and, let’s be honest with ourselves, we try. We often fail, but the action of trying creates a positive momentum.
Action means business right?

It means we are doing, something. And taking the step to action I believe is a very important one.

Starting the action, again, I believe is a crucial step to doing the right thing and getting into the right mindset of continuous achievement.
However, action in itself, just because, undirected isn’t good.  

Your action must be with a purpose in mind

We are humans, and I don’t know about you, but I am prone to distractions, wandering off track in thought and action and down avenues that do not contribute to what I would consider a productive or action-oriented day.
So actions, yes.  Starting, hell yes.  But actions without the compass  of direction, a goal to aim towards, tend (for me anyway) to dissolve into a collection of actions.  

Mostly they are dictated by distractions, have less velocity and potential  in the direction I want to go.
So how do you we take the action ‘bit’ and make it good?
Apparently our attention spans have lessened over the generations.  We are in a have-it-now, do-it-now, instant gratification culture as a result of mostly our hectic, internet lifestyles.

My attention span is probably as good as a goldfish; actually it’s probably worse, but I deal with this by comparing my actions to my ultimate purpose.  

This is my why...

My why is to help others live their dreams and create their own startups.  

Sometimes hammering Twitter just isn’t going to be helpful: it is more of a distraction.  Sometimes connecting with a young person at a networking event and helping them is right on the money.
If I keep asking my why, I will know that the action I am taking is the right action and is taking me in the right direction.   

So to make my actions good, I make sure they are in line with my goals and aims, no matter how big or small.
And the “louder than words” bit?
I think words are very important: everything material that we come into contact with in our everyday lives once started out as a thought.  

At some point this was verbalised or written down.  

Everything starts this way.
So start with your thoughts, your goals and aims, and write these down, THEN move to the actions.

Essentially we are dealing with a flow, a pattern: words and goals are great, but turning these into reality is where the action comes in.  
It is  incredibly important to be inspired and motivated by the words, so that the actions can do them justice.   

Forget haphazard, scattergun approaches: instead be clear and decisive about what you want to do.  Be clear about your aims, and write these “bad boys” down, before  getting to work to make them a reality.
We are all very different, but this list below is designed to give you some tips from my approach on how I take action to get things done.
  1. Action is important, but start with what you want to achieve. Start with your why?
  2. Write this stuff down: make a to do list. Do not use your phone for this. (It doesn’t work for me.)?
  3. When doing actions, make it your purpose to start?
  4. Turn off that damn mobile phone, and reduce distractions?
  5. For me, listening to loud rock music helps me get into the ‘zone’.  I am sure you have your own “go-to tunes”?
  6. When doing actions, I don’t know about you, but I prefer to deal with distraction by working in sprints?
  7. You don’t have to slog away for hours, do some good stuff. Stop, and  move on?
  8. I chunk my work down into little pieces so I can achieve little wins multiple times a day?
  9. Always check against your words, your aims, your purpose. Ask yourself the question, “Is what I am doing now getting me further towards my goals or not?”?
  10. Don’t beat yourself up about being distracted: these days our modern world is built on distractions. ?
  11. Ooo look a squirrel?
  12. As you do stuff, your little sprints, check-off your to do list. ?
  13. Add to your list as you think of stuff. ?
  14. Always check back against your goals. If you end up on YouTube for an hour, don’t sweat it.?
  15. At the end of each day think of what you need to do tomorrow and write it down?
So ultimately, actions do speak louder than words; but be mindful of your distractions, be clear on your aims, your purpose and your why, and do the actions that get you there.  

And I guarantee, your actions will rock.

Simon Barry

Simon Barry

Serial Tech Entrepreneur | Start Up Advisor | Mentor | Trainer

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