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A Light Perspective (Tryptic): No. 5 by 'H

*Images are original works from 'Art by H's' collection

Acrylic and eco-solvent based paint on canvas - 50cm x 100cm (x3)

These were a revisit to an old painting I produced many years ago.

It was a piece that was very personal to me

At the time my Grandad was alive and had spent many years as a milkman.

I had decided to do a painting based on the milk bottle as I had looked at it as an icon of it’s time… little did I know it would become virtually obsolete and taken over by the carton years later.

I decided to create a new piece using this theme, but break it up into the 3 images.

Each bottle reflecting a moment of passing time and the varying angles depict the change of viewpoint and perspective with the passing of that time.

Antony 'H' Haylock

Antony 'H' Haylock

Designer | Artist | Art Director | Sculptor | Painter

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