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8 Things To Consider When Dealing With Failure

dealing with failure 

It is tough to admit failure but dealing with failure is tougher.

You feel like you have taken a real knock back and you might not even be able to imagine things getting any better at this point.

Where do you go from here?

8 key things to consider when dealing with failure

1. What exactly is dealing with failure?

Don’t waste any energy beating yourself up about it. You are where you are.

The past is gone. Now is all there is. You are still alive.

The first thing to do while dealing with failure is to see the situation as it is; no worse and no better. Take a realistic look at what happened and what worked and didn’t work.

2. What was your plan for dealing with failure?

If your goal was to climb a mountain, what was your plan? Did you stick to it? It is important to double check the map and the plan you made in case you accidentally wandered off course without noticing.

Sometimes the failure is equivalent to spotting you are off course and returning to your planned path.

3. What was the reality?

 While dealing with failure always remember that the map is not the territory. What you planned and the landscape you actually covered may have been very different from one another for all sorts of reasons.

In the words of Robert Burns: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.” Sometimes you need to tear up the plan and start again from where you are now with revised goals. That how you can be dealing with failure.

4. Your Options While Dealing with Failure.

You can stop, change direction or keep going. List out your options, make a decision and take action quickly.

The longer you wallow in the feeling of failure the more you’ll be swallowed by it.

If you struggle to decide, trying using a decision-making tool like Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats.

5. Stopping

Sometimes we just have to take our medicine and stop. It is hard to admit defeat, thus making dealing with failure harder.  

It takes courage to recognise when we have made mistakes and to acknowledge them. This is especially true if you have put a lot of time and effort pursuing your goal.

Take a break.

Allow yourself the space for the next idea or step forwards to come to you.

6. Keeping Going

If you do decide to continue then keep your parameters tight. Set a limited time period and budget.

If you already in serious debt, don’t make the situation any worse by gambling further. Get small, test and prove, test and prove, step by step.

7. New Directions

Return to the beginning and the premise you were trying to resolve. Solicit feedback and criticism of what you did and listen carefully to the answers.

It is best asking strangers for this rather than friends and family. Look out for signs of potential in the wreckage of your failure.

8. Be Grateful

Whenever I fail it is always nice to remember things and people outside of my goal that bring me joy.

Things might not have gone to plan but I still have my health, my humour, etc. There is always something we can learn from our failures that will be an important part of our journey going forward.

In Summary

Try to avoid hiding away and beating yourself with shame and sorrow.

It is fine to acknowledge these feelings, just don’t live with them. Take stock, create space for new energy to come.

Take a walk on the beach, meet up with good friends, go on an adventure somewhere. Life isn’t over yet. You have just weathered a storm. T

There is more sunshine yet to come.

Jeremy Corner

Jeremy Corner

Blogger, Columnist & Speaker. Owner at Blue Eyed Sun & Owner at Ivy Ellen

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