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7 Ways To Get More Customers

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It is a horrible feeling not having enough business to pay the bills, or scraping by and not knowing how to generate more sales for business?

Many of us have been there.  It is frustrating nonetheless but there are quite a few effective ways to turn the tables when things are the going through such difficulty.

As an old saying goes, “if there is a will there's way”.

To that end, some tried and tested methods to generate sales for business has been discussed.

1. A Good Website

You have got to have something to point all of your online marketing towards in order to generate sales for the business.

Facebook page is fine, but given how easy sites are to build (see wix.com or similar), there are very few barriers to making one these days.

The pivot of any successful business is to generate sales for the business. To that end, there can be multiple ways to do it.

One such is an effective website.

Make sure you have something that is simple, works and clearly states your proposition for customers.

The wording and the design structure of your company’s website must be crisp, covering only the essentials.

That is the first step you can take to generate sales for the business.

Make sure you have answered, what makes you different and what problem(s) you can take care of to make their lives better, then only can you generate sales for business

Ensure that all of your social channels are linked from your home page so that people can easily follow you on their social platform of choice.

2. Content is King

It is essential to use effective content if you want to generate sales for business.

Like the website, the content posted in it must be pertinent and shareable.Generate useful content that helps people you are targeting in order to generate sales for business.

For example, if you have a cleaning business, create videos and blog posts on how to clean different things.

This will help get your name out there and get you noticed in the wider world.

It also helps position you as an expert that people can like and trust.

A small tip is to wear something with your company’s branding or website on it. The visual imaging goes a long way to attract the attention of the customers.

3. Images

Great images are important in driving more customers and to generate sales for business.

Try and make sure they relate to your business. E.g. for the cleaning business you might show before and after photos are examples of spotlessly clean places.

However, it is important to keep in mind that they are pertinent and reliable.

It is ok to add personal shots, just try to tie them to the theme/subject area of your business if you can.

Images are effective as they leave a lasting impact in the minds of the customers ensuring sales generation.

4. Emailing

Be sure to build your email lists.

They are still a powerful way to generate sales for business sales and to attract more customers.

Make sure your emails are also useful in terms of content, tips or special offers that recipients never want to unsubscribe.

Such methods keep customers engaged thereby increasing the chance of sales.

5. Referral Systems

Build a simple referral system into your business that is easy to use.

For example, get every customer to rate your service at the end.

Then offer a gift to them and their friend when they recommend someone who orders from you or uses their services. Such services can be used as motivational tools to generate sales for business

Use the ratings in the referral communication to highlight how well the person referring you valued your service or products.

6. Reward Loyalty

Take good care of your fans.

Give them deals, upsell useful services, and products and make sure that they are always happy.  It is important to borne in mind that happy customers are loyal customers.These customers help to generate sales for business

A really simple tip is to call them each year to thank them for their help to generate sales for business.

Most customers leave because they think you do not care: a simple call can go a long way to changing that. You can also use the calls to generate more customers through referrals thereby generating further sales.

7. Cross Promotion

What other businesses work with the same customer profiles as yours but do not conflict with your services.

Such business, in the form of a symbiosis relationship, can be drawn in to generate further sales for business

Our wedding stationery business, Ivy Ellen works with wedding planners, venues and photographers to cross-sell and cross-market to brides and grooms.

Cleaning businesses can work with estate agents. Estate agents can cross-sell with insurers, mortgage companies, and conveyancers thus chances to generate sales for business increases.

The most important thing for generating more customers and sales is to make sure that your offering is vital to your customers.

Focus on being a ‘need’ rather than a ‘should.’

There’s no point in doing loads of great marketing driving traffic to your door if you are unable to convert and keep your customers.

The entire idea of marketing is to bring customers to your doors.  

But it's the onus of the company to convert the customers into sales generation.

Once you have something special, communicate it well and often, stay useful and engaging online and you will find more customers beating their way to your door.

Jeremy Corner

Jeremy Corner

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