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2 Rituals That Make You More Effective & Efficient

Organise your way to excellence - 2 simple strategies to help you become more effective and efficient ?

Not long ago, I asked a number of online entrepreneurial communities what their biggest challenge was for them within their business.

Can you guess what one of the top recurring answers was? ??

It was stress and managing workloads!

I am sure that as a reader and fellow entrepreneur, you resonate with this as strongly as I do.  

It is not rare to find that we take on and try to do more tasks than we are physically able to, within the time we set out for ourselves.

For entrepreneurs, this is a result of the large drive and commitment we have to our business and the world around us.

For others, it is very easy to get into the trap of huge amounts of  activity (which is getting as much done as possible) versus efficiency (only doing that which serves us most).

In today’s article, I want to share with you two powerful yet simple rituals I adopt and share with my clients that I know will help you to balance your tasks/workload, but to also really understand which activities generate the best results and are the most effective too. ??

Ritual 1: Sunday Planning

If you do not do this already, a great ritual I have found that has served me well and my clients consistently, is to play your coming week in advance every Sunday afternoon/evening.

It is amazing how powerful and relieving it can be to put all your ideas down from your head, onto a piece of paper or online document.

It means you do not have to carry so much mental weight to avoid forgetting  great ideas, insights and actions you have.  

On paper or pixels they can all survive and do what they are meant to do: lead you towards your goals.

As Jim Rohn says...

you can happen to life or life can happen to you’

...and planning your activities also ensures you can operate your business and life with more focus, certainty, direction and conviction.

When planning your week ahead, a great insight I was taught is to align the plan with your longer term vision for your life/business too. (I’d also recommend using excel or any other software where you can create a simple but effective planner for the week).

Here are some questions to help you shape up your coming week..

  1. What would you like to achieve by this time next week? Where would you like to be?
  2. What activities would help you achieve each of your goals in 7 days
  3. On what days will each activity be completed ... and importantly
  4. How will you celebrate your successful week. Don’t forget to celebrate your amazing achievements too.

It is one of the most forgotten secrets of goal setting and accomplishment.

Ritual 2: MoLo

The second ritual I want to share with you (my clients love this) is called MoLo and is an acronym for More Of Less Of.

At the end of each week on a Sunday, I look through what I have done and achieved and I ask myself, what I could have done More Of and Less Of to achieve XYZ or whatever your weekly outcomes are.

I list all the activities and habits that have served me and then I look at what I could have done less of which is a incredibly powerful way of creating a better work-life balance, while also ensuring we are spending our time in the best way possible.

I am a big fan of Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule which states that 20% of your most effective activities generate 80% of your results. Look for those 20% activities and maximise them as much as possible.

Even if there are some tasks you feel are effective and important, if they are not your most critical activities, you can always delegate or outsource them.

So here’s the question I pose to you as a reader committed to your excellence and growth.

  • What are the activities and tasks you are taking on that are really serving you?
  • What could you be doing more of?
  • What are the activities and tasks you are taking on that are holding you back?
  • What could you be doing less of?

I hope this post will  serve you to be more on-purpose, effective and productive while building a business you are proud of.

Have fun implementing the 2 rituals and the more your practice and embed them into your weekly routines, the more impact they will have for you in your life and business.

Raghav Parkash

Raghav Parkash

Life Coach

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