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10 Minutes A Day to Change Your Life

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Unsurprisingly, mental health is big news.

Our minds are constantly distracted for one thing: loaded diaries, relationships to manage and technology filling all the remaining spaces!

Mental overload causes stress hormones to be released in the body and our immune system is then compromised but we still seem to carry on the same old way.

Poor sleep quality is on the increase and we continue to find more and more to fill our minds with

The speed of our thinking is way faster than the ability of our body to process all that we feel and do each day.

Then if you add traumatic life events and developmental stress from childhood you have a recipe for whole system break down.

Let’s take a pause:

Take the mental overload test

  • Sit on a chair somewhere quiet and make sure you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes. No less.
  • Place your palms face down on your lap and close your eyes.
  • See if you can notice your breath moving in your body.
  • Let your breath settle into a long deep rhythm, letting it drop deep into your belly.
  • Notice the quality and quantity of your thoughts.
  • Just observe and continue to breathe deeply.

So how was that?

If you couldn’t be still and felt fidgety and totally unable to observe your mind because of bombarding thoughts, then you need to remedy that now!

Common symptoms of the mind trying to steer you away from inner peace include:

  • Boredom
  • Physical fidgeting
  • Arising emotions like anxiety, frustration, fear
  • Physical discomfort like neck and back ache
  • Wanting to fall asleep

For many of us this list so ordinary, and yet these behaviours and feelings are not a good indicator of your natural state of balance, and not how any of us are designed to function.

Western living styles mean that we are massively out of balance in mind and body and far away from an optimum approach to sustaining long life and wellbeing on all levels.

Resolution for 2018.

It’s simple: Take regular 10 minutes slots each day to check in on yourself.

Here’s why:

Health is everything.

Our bodies are designed to feed back constant messages.

The problem is that when we are occupied by a lot of mental noise we do not listen to ourselves and over the long term our health can be severely compromised.

Listening to your gut instinct is critical to success.

What is coming through you is everything in terms of your personal success. An emptier calmer mind means more space for those creative urges which will feel stronger and more directive.

Flow. Wellbeing is about creating flow on all levels and you may find pretty quickly what doesn’t work for you begins to fall away. This may include people as well as things!

Breath is everything. The quality and the way your breath moves in your body is key to understanding stress levels.

If your chest and belly are tight, your breath can’t move freely. Less oxygen is taken up by your blood and fatigue and low moods can be the result which all affect your mental wellbeing and how you function in your business and life.

Smelling the roses

  • When was the last time you really noticed the sunset?
  • Did you really listen to your son or daughter this morning when when they were talking to you?
  • Have you gazed into the eyes of your beloved today and felt the love?
  • Do you appreciate what you have?

Gratitude is able to live in the space you create through taking time to just be, and is such a powerful, positive energy.

So, less is more in 2018! Less stress, more success. More joy, more love. More meaningful living, more health.

Give yourself space to hear your truth and follow it into the most beautiful life that it waiting to be lived.

Have a glorious transition into 2018.

With love and respect

Gina Hardy

Gina Hardy

Yoga Teacher

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