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Removing Negativity From Your Life

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A year or so ago I made a decision to abandon anybody in my life who did not add some kind of value.

That is the process of removing negativity from your life.

I made some harsh decisions and cut myself off from most of the negative people I knew.

I have to say that it was one of the most liberating experiences in my life so far.

Try removing negativity from your life and you will know the difference.  

The Process Of Removing Negativity From Your Life 

I coupled that with seeking out old friends who I had lost contact with, who I knew I liked a lot and where distance was the sole barrier to regular contact. While removing negativity from your life, get back in touch with those you used to like.  

I also made a point of establishing contact with business contacts who I either looked up to our found inspirational.

People who made me smile, got me excited and who triggered positive energy in me.

After all, “Misery loves company” – so is it any wonder that if you surround yourself with energy-sapping pessimists that you may indeed become one yourself?

Like many pearls of wisdom, this does indeed seem rather obvious but I am fairly sure that we have all had moments when we have lapsed into old or bad habits.

That is what you should focus on, in order to remove negativity from your life. 

Things To Do While Removing Negativity From Your Life 

The worst culprits who are the most difficult to avoid are the following:

  • Family
  • Work Colleagues
  • Partners of close friends
  • Clients and Suppliers

A degree of diplomacy and sensitivity is probably a good idea here so this is the challenge.

How do we deal with those people who are negative who we cannot avoid?

My immediate thoughts are as follows:

Family/Friends – aim to meet negative family/friends at the same time as those who you like.

Strength in numbers is your safety net here.

Business – this is your opportunity to shine by using compassion as your best weapon.

Throw these people totally off guard by showering them with compliments and distracting them with your positivity.

One of two things will happen – they will either be converted into positivity by your glowing example or they will run for the hills in complete shock and panic.

Give this a try and see how feel after a few months…………….

Gavin Perrett

Gavin Perrett

Property Investment Consultant

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