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Explore and Collect Ideas

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When I used to work in advertising in London I was the one who would be outside walking around the park with notebook in hand and scribbling down notes because I felt that sitting at my desk wasn't the most creative space.

I would go off and explore the area and whilst being outside I would let my mind wander and the ideas would come flooding through.

My whole One Planet One Place business was thought up whilst I was out climbing in the mountains.

Mother Nature is a great place for brainstorming

If your work allows, take some time outside and with a notebook go out and explore and see what ideas spring to mind whilst you're away from all the distractions.

Breathe in the air and ground yourself.

A change of scenery can get the juices flowing and who knows what you can come up with.

I'd love to know what you find.

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Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan

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