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Be You and No One Else

Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

How many times have you molded yourself to try and fit in, just because of the environment you were in. Perhaps it was a work situation or you met new friends or even in a new relationship. You changed who you were just to be accepted or to be liked, or even loved.

But did you feel the compromise you made tearing you apart inside because you knew it was not you? And then that after feeling about not being true to yourself.

Like many reading this post, I spent a large part of my life trying to fit in; being someone else I even remember thinking about smoking so I could be accepted in one job because all the “cool” people use to go and smoke and I would be left manning the phones and feel really left out.

For 10 years I served as a police officer. In that environment, you HAVE to conform and I tried very hard to do so, even though I never really felt I fitted in.

My Sergeant would often reprimand me for wearing makeup, nails or unsuitable hair. This was me trying to break out, yet for 10 years my identity was been molded to that of PC 11985. 

I was convinced that I would remain PC Ash for the rest of my life. My career was planned out: section (on patrol), then tactical team, then firearms unit and then the dog unit.

I had it all mapped out until I was medically retired from the police force... 
Having been suffering from Bi-Polar and OCD.
After 10 years of trying I had become too ill. I was just unable to perform the role I had set myself.

The day I handed in my warrant card was a strange moment...

  • Who was I then if I was no longer PC 11985 Ash, Counter-Terrorism Intel Officer.
  • Who was I to be once that warrant card was gone

I had to take a real long hard look at myself and look at who I was and who I wanted to be. I did not need to fit in anymore, conform or act in a certain way for people to like or accept me. I did not have to DO SOMETHING to get paid or earn a living.

The most important act of self-expression was starting a business with my husband. I had always been keen on health and fitness and looking after myself but when Bi-Polar struck I was forced to get my life and my body more in check. I stopped eating sugar and started working out more, and I dived into self-development study to learn more about my condition.

During this time it became clear that there is a direct correlation between exercise, good food, and a healthy mindset and how concentrating on these areas helped me to manage the Bi-Polar. This was the perfect chance to make a new start. To reinvest in myself, not to conform but as an expression of who I REALLY WAS.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I had never felt such freedom: to be able to make my own decisions, break free and be me.

I wonder how many of you are conforming at the moment to be liked, loved, earn money or even just exist. Through Entrepreneurship I found me

It became possible for me to express who I am and what I love, and live in the freedom I desired for so long. I encourage you to be you. Be brave, take charge. This is your life: don’t live it for anyone else. 

Live it for you; embrace who you are and take this life by the horns and OWN IT!


Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

Barry and Laura Ash are a husband and wife power team who have a passion for all things fitness and health....with a twist...because this is not just physically but mental thing. After being medically retried from the police force in 2013 because of her Bi Polar Laura and Barry set out to start their own business. They realised the direct correlation between having a fit mind and how it can effect the body. 6 months into Rock Solid going live Barry left his role as a PTI in the prison service and joined Laura working within Rock Solid.

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