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Be a Superhero, rise from adversity

Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

We all love a Superhero..well I do anyway! 

  • I wonder who you favorite superhero is?
  • Why are they are your favorite?
  • What is it about them?
  • What powers do they have that you like?

Looking closer to home, I wonder what superpower you possess that you don’t even know you are using right now, or that you COULD use to excel your business?

We recently did a presentation for Baiju at his WannaBe event in Southend l where we spoke about this very subject to over 120 teenagers.

We suggested that when it comes to certain words like: 

  • Disorder
  • Disability
  • Broke
  • Council Estate
  • Death

...society tends to put them down and place negative connotations on them like useless, pathetic, waste of breath, and weak.  But one has to rise from adversity.

And for young minds, this is especially true: negative pictures and associations get formed around certain words and that is it! They fail to rise from adversity. 

However, if you look at any Superhero they all have a unique power that they use for good!   

They have all risen from adversity, and hard times.

How To Rise From Adversity 

They have used the hard times to shape them and form them. "Rise from adversity" has been their motto. 

Check Bruce Wayne (Batman) - both parents murdered, and a fear of bats. He used both of these to rise from adversity and fight crime. He stepped into his adversity and became stronger. 

Kal El (Superman) was an orphaned child on Earth. He used his strength to rise from adversity and decided to protect earth rather than destroy it like General Zod.

We all have a superpower in us. Even you reading this now - you have one

How Did We Rise From Adversity 

Barry and I have superpowers and these have been shaped and developed from adversity. 

Mine is my ability to move and inspire others with my mental health disorders - Bi Polar and OCD.  I was diagnosed in 2009 with these and was medically retired from the police force because of it.   

I have chosen to make this my superpower. It is because of these disorders that I am speaking to you now! 

I have made my business all about Conscious Control and helping people be free from the past thoughts so they can step into the present and live a life of abundance and freedom in the future.

I am sure that you have a few thoughts and habits that keep you in the past? That is what we do: we release you from them to be the real you!

Barry has dyslexia and his father died suddenly of a heart attack while at work. 

This destroyed him initially but he decided to dedicate his life work to learning about the heart and helping people be the fittest and healthiest they can be. he talks openly about his dyslexia to encourage others not to label themselves as stupid. 

We just need to look around us now at some of the people in the limelight and see how their superpowers grew from adversity: Oprah, 50 Cent, Usain Bolt, Richard Branson. All the greats have embraced their powers. 

  • What hard times have you come through?
  • How have they shaped you?
  • Have you used the experience as a devastating one or as a learning one?
  • What superpower has grown from this?
  • How are you using it?
  • Are you a super villain or a superhero with it?

You have the power in your to effect massive change…so don’t be afraid of it. 

Step into it, become it and embrace it.


Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

Barry and Laura Ash are a husband and wife power team who have a passion for all things fitness and health....with a twist...because this is not just physically but mental thing. After being medically retried from the police force in 2013 because of her Bi Polar Laura and Barry set out to start their own business. They realised the direct correlation between having a fit mind and how it can effect the body. 6 months into Rock Solid going live Barry left his role as a PTI in the prison service and joined Laura working within Rock Solid.

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