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When I Realised I Was A Strategist

Do you do things that you are ‘good’ at (but not necessarily excellent at), because you can?  

What is that one thing that comes to you really easily?   And when do you really know when you could be world-class at that one thing?
The day I came to realise what I was really good at was a liberating moment in my life.  


Well it freed me from guilt. It freed me from the need to prove I would do everything.

Best of all it freed me to start building around me, a team of highly skilled people.

When I coach and train, I look to hear what is not being said, what the pauses mean and what is really happening for a client.

For me this way of working is very intuitive. During the coaching process, when I start to understand what the client wants, the vision of what they really want starts to become clear.  
Approaching their challenges this way allows me to reverse-engineer the breakthrough with them and they start to map out the steps they  need to make.  I have been working with clients like this for years, but unbeknown to me this is a form of strategy. 
This wasn’t as obvious to me and it may have seem to others.

A few months ago I came across an organometric assessment tool that identifies game changers and the game-changing contributions everyone makes.   

The framework is called The GC Index® (GC stands for Game Changer), and is made up of five key roles

  • The Game Changer: Transforms the Future?
  • The Strategist: Maps the Future?
  • The Implementer: Builds the Future?
  • The Polisher: Creates a Future to be Proud of?
  • The Play Maker: Orchestrates the Future?

When I did the assessment, which involves 59 short questions I assumed that I would emerge as a “The Play Maker” first with others in the following order.
My Predictions
  1. The Play Maker: Orchestrates the Future
  2. The Game Changer: Transforms the Future
  3. The Polisher: Creates a Future to be Proud of
  4. The Strategist: Maps the Future
  5. The Implementer: Builds the Future
In actual fact the assessment tool made me a Strategist / Game Changer.  My Playmaker and Polisher scores were equal and my lowest score was as an implementer.  While that was not a surprise, coming out as a Strategist really was.
My Actual Scores
  1. The Strategist: Maps the Future
  2. The Game Changer: Transforms the Future
  3. The Play Maker: Orchestrates the Future =
  4. The Polisher: Creates a Future to be Proud of
  5. The Implementer: Builds the Future
However when the report explained how strategist works and what they do at their best, these scores made perfect sense.
The report explained that for me as a strategist we are at our best...

“when they are able to see, and clearly articulate, direction, change and action within a strategic context that takes account of commercial and operational and people needs"

This was spot on, exactly what I had been doing in my coaching practice.

I now knew that my strength lies in an area that comes naturally to me.  I do not feel guilty for not being as good as I thought I should be at other areas.  

I was able to name what I do best as well as be in my flow.
From that point on I started to enjoy what I  do and so much more.  I then was able to draw in the people I needed to compliment my skills.  
With support from The GC Index® we have created The Entrepreneur Impact Profile, which uses the same tool to find out what kind of entrepreneur you are and how you work at your best.  
I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Go on - aim for peace of mind and then work to create your dream team for all the things you are not quite so good at!
Click here to take get you personal profile.

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

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