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What are YOUR standards?

What are YOUR standards?

In my previous blog I talked about settling in life.

When we settle for anything less than we feel we deserve or want we are compromising on our standards.

Where do you set your bar in your life?

Do you eat how you would like to eat?

Do you exercise at a level you are satisfied at?

Do you tolerate behaviours from others that you wouldn’t expect from your worst enemies?

Naturally as humans we allow excuses not only from ourselves, but also from others. All this really does is lower our standards by which we want live by.

So what are the implications of continually accepting low standards in our life?

  • You get frustrated
  • You build regret
  • Your energy is low
  • You get a cycle of not doing even when you know what to do.

You get my drift. When have standards and you live by them, magic happens.

Its much easier to set a standard when you have a bigger goal attached to this. Take an example of an elite athlete training for the Olympics.

They know they have to be a certain level of fitness, perform at a specific level and have an attitude most people would seem arrogant in order to perform. So the athlete knows there are certain standards he needs to live by in order to achieve these goals.

The standards could be

  • Getting up at 5am
  • Eating clean healthy food
  • Sleeping by 10pm every night
  • Not drinking
  • 3 training sessions per day.

You get my drift. So if you know what you want to achieve over the a certain period of time, what are the standards that you are setting to achieve them.

Recently I have come across something called theSELFJournal. It’s possible one of the most efficient and easiest methods of setting goals and the actions needed.
It works on the basis of setting a massive goal you want to achieve over a 13 week period and them setting weekly progress milestones. It allows you to keep a daily journal of your activity and achievements.

You can see how its works by clicking here.

I have started using it this week and will let you know how I am getting on.

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

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