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The 5 Ways You Make A Game Changing Impact

I have now been in the SME space for over 10 years and in that time, running my coaching and training business (as well as a restaurant in that time), I have coached thousands of people, run workshops and seminars, spoken at conferences, and trained business people and students to be the best they can be.

Have I made an impact?   

I hope so but how do I know?

Well there are numerous ways:

  • Feedback from clients
  • The results my clients achieve
  • The repeat business I get
  • And the continued progress of the people I come into contact with.

However over a year ago I came across something that really made me think about how I REALLY make an impact, and more importantly a game changing impact.

I love coaching and training...

The feeling I get when I work with individuals and groups when a shift occurs, is magical.

However, I became more aware of the fact that being a great coach and a good trainer was not going to allow me make the kind of impact I want to in the world.

I want to create a business that means I can have a greater impact and greater influence in the world.

I meet a lot of people in the personal development/entrepreneur/marketing/branding/digital world who want to make an impact on the world in their own way.

What I find is that many don’t, and never will, make the kind of impact they want to make, not because they don’t work hard, have the will or have the tools at their disposal.

They will not make the impact they want because they do not focus on their natural strengths.  

I am not talking about their personality or their Myers-Briggs profile.   I am talking about the importance of ones own strengths in making an impact.  

About a year ago I discovered a framework and language that give me a massive insight into how I make an impact on the world and actually gave me an insight in how I do what I do best: and that is coach and get the best out of people.

Before I explain what that is, I want to explain what I mean by making an impact based on your strengths.  

Take a football team, there are 11 people in the team and each player has a position. You choose the players based on the impact they make in that position.

The first attribute in choosing a player, is based on understanding who can make the most impact in a particular position.  

Someone who is natural at scoring goals, will play as a striker.  You would not play them as a goalkeeper, and the same is true in reverse.

Then you look at their character, HOW they perform in that position, and then figure out the best combinations to make the biggest impact.

Personality plays a part, but not when you focus on your natural proclivity to making an impact.

The framework is The Entrepreneur Impact Profile is powered by The GC Index®.

The Entrepreneur Impact Profile is a revolutionary framework for empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to maximize self-awareness in the way you make an impact on the world.

The 5 Ways You Can Make A Game Changing Impact are as:

  • The Game Changer sees Possibilities?
  • The Strategist sees Patterns?
  • The Implementer sees Practicalities?
  • The Polisher sees Potential?
  • The Play Maker sees People?

Now the cool thing is this: we all have these within us, but each of us is strongest in 1 or 2 of them.

When you know which one you are, you get an insight in where your focus REALLY needs to go, and it just feels right.

You start to understand that it is ok not worry about what you are not naturally good at, and you find others that are.

So does each one of these profiles perform at their best?   See if you can tell which one best fits you.

The Game Changer

  • Game Changers see possibilities.

  • They see ways of doing things that others don’t. They have a way to imagine how things could be and when they become obsessed with an idea, how things should be.

  • Their potential contribution to an organisation is that radical rather than incremental change.

The Strategist

  • Strategists see patterns and brings excitement and energy to tasks.

  • They will enthuse and influence others with new, creative and innovative approaches to doing things.

  • They tend to be more interested in the ideal rather than the real: genuine satisfaction comes more from generating the idea rather than realising it.

  • They will have the business acumen and analytical skills to convert ideas into commercially focused strategies.

The Implementer

  • Implementers sees practicalities, and ‘get things done’. They just deliver.   

  • Their philosophy and practice is one of practical and pragmatic problem solving.

  • They will often have a reputation as a ‘safe pair of hands’, someone who can be relied upon to get things done in a dependable way.

  • They are outcome focused and will get things done without being a ‘slave to the process’

The Polisher

  • Polishers see potential and symbolise the philosophy and practice of ‘continuous improvement’.

  • They seek to set the standard for excellence within their role and organisation.

  • They can adopt products, processes and procedures with patience for incremental change, and constantly seek to improve them.

  • At their best they will be able to understand and articulate the commercial, competitive advantage derived from continuous improvement.

The Playmaker

  • Playmakers see People and invest in their relationships with people.

  • Their focus is on getting things done through the strength of their relationships and through shared endeavours and teamwork.

  • They enable rather than delegate and take pleasure in seeing others ‘shine’.   They like to get the very best from others.

So which of these impact makers  do you think you are?

If you want to take the profile click here for more details.

We cannot all be game changers, but we all have it in us to make a game changing impact - Nathan Ott - Co-Founder The GC Index®

It is your duty to find out how!

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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