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The 3 Ways You Make An Impact

When I left my corporate career in 2007, all I wanted to do, was start my own coaching and training business.

Yet for years I had followed a logic that took me towards education (as a psychology lecturer) and then onto sales (as a sales director): working with senior leaders in schools and increasing sales in businesses seemed obvious to me. 

Yet although I did not know it at the time...

what I really wanted to do was to  make an impact. 

When any of us start in business to want to give a great service and make a good living. Yet, in fact what you want to do is make an impact, but make as big a impact as possible.

In talking about impact in this context I am concerned with how you as an individual make an impact.  All of us are capable of making

  • An impact on yourself
  • An impact on the people around you
  • An impact in the world.

Yet how can you measure if you are making an effective impact?  
And how do you know as an individual what impact you can make? 
What if there was a framework that allowed you to understand what impact is?

When I conceived the idea of EnSpirit Global some 5 years ago, I wanted to create a platform that inspired, educated and connected people towards creating a life they desired.

The truth is I want EnSpirit Global to make an impact, but how big an impact it can make I do not yet know. All I do know is that I want it to be as significant as possible.

There is an old saying “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it”

So what does impact really mean?

After a recent conversation with Nathan Ott, the founder of The GC Index®, (the first digital assessment tool to identify game-changers and the game changing contributions they can make), he talked about how people make an impact.

He said there are in three ways in which we make an impact.  When I look at this framework and my own journey over the last few years I would agree.

The three ways we make an impact are:

  • Through Relationships
  • Through Ideas
  • Through Tasks

Through Relationships

We make an impact by knowing our own natural strengths and working with them and by building relationships.

Getting to know people and understanding them goes a long way to helping you make an impact.

When you have the right relationships and partnerships, you start to understand how you can make an impact through the ideas you have and the tasks you have to undertake

Through Ideas

Without ideas nothing happens.

The creative thought process brings ideas to the fore, you start to see the world in a different way and you can see solutions that others are still struggling to understand.

I had the idea of EnSpirit Global 5 years ago. I knew it was a game changer. I knew it can make an impact and from that basis I could begin to deliver.

Through Tasks

Having the right people around you is vital, having the ideas that will make an impact in the world is crucial, but without tasks and implementation nothing will occur.

The tasks you undertake will make a huge difference to the impact you can make.

With this framework it becomes possible to understand how you make an impact.  Essentially it is about being more effective in the world, but from a place of understanding better how you work.

Traditionally you may look at someone’s personality traits to see how they make an impact, but as we know introverts and extroverts can both make an impact in different ways.  When you start to understand how you make an impact by what you do, that is a game changer.

The Entrepreneur Impact Profile, powered by The GCIndex®, measures how you are best positioned to make the best impact.

Once you understand how to make your ideas come to life and the tasks you need to undertake to make them happen, you start to make a true impact on the world. 

That is the way we all individually make an impact in this world.

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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