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Sacrifice creates the opportunity for success to occur

It’s amazing how the topics of some blogs come about…

Listening to my to good friend and mentor Ketan Makwana on a Facebook Live, he was talking about the need sacrifice NOW for success LATER, that nothing comes without putting in some effort in first and we need to be patient for the results to materialise.

In the comments I said that ‘Sacrifice creates the opportunity for success to occur’

What did I mean by that? There is nobody I have met in any walks of life that doesn’t want to be successful. What success means for different people is different

What I have seen is that the level of success someone may desire is not directly correlated with how much they are prepared to sacrifice.

We all want the goodies but not always prepared to do what it takes.

So its not what people say that matters it’s what they are prepared to do for the bigger gain.

Are the excuses people have, bigger that the dreams they talk about? If this is the case, they will never get into action as their excuse takes precedent.

So what can you do to start to understand if you ARE prepared to make the sacrifices to create the opportunity to have the success you want?

Your Why

We hear this a lot. What is your why? What is your purpose? What do you really want to achieve in your life?

This is vital. When you think about all the great things we use its was a results if someone why coming alive. Steve Jobs’s why was to use technology to create beautiful experiences, now we have the iPhone and Mac. Henry Ford’s why was to create someone that allows us to get from A to B quicker, now we have the car.

We understand DNA now because somebody was focused and determined enough to out in the time and resources to make this happen. We are above to fly around the world in the drop of a hat because the Wright Brothers had their why clear.

Don’t underestimate what you why could do for your life and the world. Simon Sinek in his book ‘Start with Why’ dialogues this perfectly, over 28million YouTube viewers can’t be wrong.

What are you REALLY living for?

Do you live to pay the bills? Do you look forward to your weekends and holidays, like it’s the focus of your life.

A lot of people settle. They are willing to tolerate some pain for a long time for moments of intermittent joy (weekends & holidays).

We live our lives looking for 3 things, security, freedom or control. If you can have all these 3 that’s utopia. But many can’t or won’t create a life to get all 3. Now depending on which of these 3 is a priority for you, will determine how you make decisions and take actions. Also what you will prepare to have a minimum in your life.

Lets take security for example. If security in life is your priority, this will take priority over following any dreams that require any element of risk. Having a secure income that gives you stability and security will seem to good to let go, for what may seem an uncertain outcome.

If freedom is your priority, again what format does this take? If vast material wealth isn’t your thing, freedom could look like doing what you have to do now and investing time and money into a bigger reward later in life.

Control again takes many forms, for some its saying…’I’m prepared to give 40 hrs of my week to someone else for reward(pay) so I have control over what I want to do at the weekends.’

The bottom line is how big a sacrifice you are prepared to make and for how long.

Avoidance of Failure & Pain

You just cannot avoid failure or pain when you pursue success. It comes with the territory. Many never achieve the success they want, because all they do is minimise failure, but not starting, not trying or just not giving 100%.

The sacrifice you choose to make, is proportional to the amount of success you allow to occur.

Sacrifice however doesn’t need to be unpleasant or demotivating. All it is a choice between having giving something up now, for a greater reward later. Trusting the process is key to this.

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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