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Learning By Doing

So our beta site is launched!  We have started to build our community of EnSpirit Global experts, contributors and users and are gradually shaping the passion I articulated almost six years ago into a reality.  What a journey!  

It has been 10 years since I left my corporate job to start my own business. Since then I found out that I love coaching, public speaking and most of all making an impact on people’s lives.

During my working life, I have been a psychology lecturer and a sales director.  The best part of being a lecturer was the interaction I had with the students.  I found them inspiring, and learnt a lot from teaching them.  Then as a sales exec I found out how much I loved to create value and deliver on projects

Before I did either of those jobs I had no idea what really made me tick.

It was only by doing that I found out.  

When it comes to starting out on your own sitting on the fence dreaming is never going to get you far.  And yet we have all experienced the fear and nervousness that goes with a big decision.

Key to my education as an adult was discovering that being my own boss, being accountable to me, myself and I, meant that I was constantly meeting the reality of my own words and deeds.  It was only me in between what I dreamed of and what I actually did.

My vision remains the same as it did then. 

I want to contribute to creating a society that thinks more entrepreneurially.   EnSpirit Global is my “why” and I am living that vision every day, not because I think we should all start a business, but because I truly believe that being more entrepreneurial in outlook allows us to be more of who we are inside.

You could say EnSpirit Global is a deep wish I have for everyone to be more curious about life.  I want people to really believe they have a choice to pursue their dreams, and that dreams really are for the taking.

Taking the decision to be my own boss 10 years ago, I needed to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset that, as result, has made me more available to opportunities, able to explore and take more risks.  It has made me much more questioning of convention, and less able to live a sleepy, safe existence.  I want to make an impact on the world.  I think I always have.

In 2012, after writing my book ‘I’m An Entrepreneur – Get Me Out of Here’ I received so many comments from people about how they would like to either start their business or do something different.  It was clear to me that they wanted to make an impact in the world.

In pursuing the vision for EnSpirit Global, it has been scary sometimes, lots a times,  but the fact is when we live the life we desire we stand a much better chance of making the impact we want to see.  

When we are inspired, and educate ourselves out of our comfort zones we make an impact. When we connect with people and make ourselves available to learn, as I have done through EnSpirit Global, we motivate each other towards a better world.  

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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