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How A Deadline & Accountability Can Make The Difference

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Recently I was on a Zoom call with my good friend and fellow coach and speaker Allan Kleynhans.

We were talking about his new event, “Way Back To Love” and what I am doing with EnSpirit Global.

When I started out in this business of coaching and training over 10 years ago, the attitude was very much, who is your competition, who do you need to look out for and to try and be one step ahead.

Nowadays, it is very different. On the surface you might see someone as your rival or competition but today if you don’t support and collaborate, your success will be short lived.

On the surface, Allan is the competition; in reality we are a team.

I was speaking to Allan about becoming a contributor on the EnSpirit Global platform, because I love his work and it’s aligned with what EnSpirit Global is all about.

Now if you know Allan, he is someone who sets out to achieve something when he puts his mind to it.

We were talking about what his plans are for his new project  “Way Back To Love” and the topic of his book came up.

Well more specifically, the lack of his book.

Allan started to tell me all the reasons he hadn’t yet written his book. These included from…

  • Didn’t have the time
  • I have started, but it’s all over the place
  • If I had written it, it would’ve been the wrong one
  • Not sure where to focus
  • And the sun wasn’t shining that day (I made that one up, but it might as well be on that list)

I have this theory that whatever time you give yourself to complete a task, you will find all sorts of ways to fill the time you make available to yourself.

So if I give myself 1 year to get a book done, you can be damn sure I will complete it in 1 year, if I stick to the original deadline.

I put it to Allan that there are 2 core reasons he hasn’t written the book yet. They were...

  • A Deadline
  • Being Accountable

All the other excuses are stories. Stories that reinforce the excuses you are coming up with.

So I asked Allan to give me a date he would finish his first draft by… he thought, pondered and then said 26th December 2017, his birthday.

I said great, then I said I would hold him accountable. Weekly calls and Whatsapp updates to keep on track.

He agreed, so much so he made a public declaration on Facebook.

Now as I was saying this to him, a little voice was in my head saying, “hey you are telling Allan to do something that you need to do” and before I knew it, my mouth was moving and words were coming out of my mouth saying…

“Allan guess what, I am halfway through writing a book, how about we hold each other accountable”
Damn, now I can’t get out of this.

So what have you been putting off that you really want to get done, but just tend to find all the excuses in the world not to?

I bet you have no deadline and no one to hold you accountable.

Do it now! Want a deadline? Call me! Want to be held accountable? Call me!

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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