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Focus On What Will NOT Change Over Time

Returning from an event  with extended family in Norway, last week, I passed through Bergen Airport.  

While there is nothing remarkable in that fact, as we went through security, I began to consider the effect that security processes have had on us, how certain things have changed, like the use of plastic bags, and other things have not.  .  

Over time, the technology of security will get better, and better intelligence will stop bad people doing terrible things.  

Yet while these processes will change - there is one fundamental constant for us all, and that is  safety.  This will never change.

When Jeff Bezos was thinking about Amazon in the early days he didn’t ask himself  “what will would change in the world”.  

He asked himself... 

‘What would stay the same in the world’.

He concluded there were 3 core things that would NEVER change, namely;

  1. Low prices
  2. Fast delivery
  3. Value for money

So whatever his business model for Amazon he ensured these 3 things were present. He knew these wouldn’t change 10 years from now.   

And he was right.

Amazon is ubiquitous: we check the site before we make a purchase; we invite their technology into our homes every day.    

So the question I pose today is what will remain constant in your industry?  

I think there are some universal constants  that will not change in 10 years time.  such as

  •     Value for Money: because  people want to believe they are getting what they pay for and more.  It is not about the amount but offering value for money and going beyond the call of duty will always give a business an edge.?
  •     Trust: is this is paramount because  technology has actually enabled us to create businesses based on trust equity : AirBNB is a classic example?
  •     Being Valued: we all want to be valued and be part of something that recognises us for who we are and want to be.?
These universal constants were expressed by Amazon as fast delivery and low prices.  

What do these constants mean in your industry?

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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