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4 Critical Steps To Make Your Game-Changing Impact As An Entrepreneur

Ground-breaking creativity and innovation may lie within an individual.

But it’s only a game- changing team that can achieve step change innovation and transformation that has longevity.

Think Boeing, Google, Apple – in today’s digital world there is the demand to carry on with ‘business as usual’ while we challenge ourselves to invent, implement and execute creative and transformational change.

We know that the key to success is to transform individual action into collective power.

Not everyone is a Game Changer but everyone can make a game-changing impact and here’s how...

1. Develop Strong Values

It is worthwhile spending a little time to develop a set of strong values to demonstrate what we stand for.

Employees and often customers will buy into your vision, share your values and help us develop and turn great ideas into reality.

When you develop strong values and communicate this, you will start to attract the kind of people who match those values and want to be part of your vision.

Strong values do two things, they position your proposition and help you build your team, which identifies the talent you need around you.

2. Focus on How You Can Make an Impact

We can all make a positive impact. You can make an impact through:

  • People - Enabling everyone to make an impact.?

  • Ideas - Exploring possibilities and making sense of them.

  • Tasks - Getting things done and getting things done well

Now is the time to focus on the real impact that we personally can make as well as others within our team – focus on who is ‘best’ for the job at hand.

By understanding how each person will make an impact through their ideas and the actions they take, each person can contribute to the team, project and to the wider organisation, making us far more likely to create a game-changing culture.

3. Identifying Talent

Once you understand how you make your impact, it’s important to identify the additional talent you need in your team.

  • Do you need someone who can understand what needs to be done?now – an Implementer?

  • Do you need someone to make things better – a Polisher?

  • Do you need someone to map out the future – a Strategist?

Identifying and embracing how people in your team can make their game-changing contribution will help you make your own game-changing impact as an entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur Impact Profile provides you with a ground breaking framework to identify the right talent and the game-changing team you need.

4. Focus on Culture

In today’s fast-paced digital world it’s important for everyone within the business to feel they have the freedom to challenge things.

We need everyone to be looking for new opportunities.

We also need to get everyone to start shifting their mindsets and put contribution and impact at the heart of everything they do.

This focus on contribution will ensure we all make our game- changing contribution.

These four critical steps will help to unleash the game-changing impact you can make in the world.

The world is ready and the world needs more and more people to make their game-changing contribution in order to create our own better futures.

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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