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37 Things I Learnt Being Offline for 3 Weeks

On the 15th December I flew out to India on a 10 day yoga and meditation retreat.

I have never done anything like this before, and through various life events, the opportunity to go away on my own, was too good to miss.

As well as the 10 days, I would also take the opportunity to spend some time with the family in Mumbai.

At the retreat there was going to be WiFi, but it was suggested to truly get the best from the experienve, is to be completely offline for the whole 10 days. I went one further than that, I was offline until I returned to the UK on the 3rd January 2018.

Below are the 37 things I discovered and realised on a 10 day yoga meditation retreat and being offline for 3 weeks and meeting new people...

  1. Time for yourself is critical
  2. Breathing has more power than we give it credit
  3. Nothing really happens online... it’s your reaction to it that matters
  4. Your aura attracts
  5. The still mind has more energy than the active
  6. Body movements unlocks the minds energy to flow
  7. People care
  8. Principals join the dots
  9. Your inner balance can tackle any outer inbalance
  10. Change your mind on one thing each day to discover a new perspective
  11. Failure is success
  12. Live for something bigger than you
  13. Don’t consume by short term gains. Play the long game
  14. Watch animals - they live by nature’s rules
  15. Allow everything with no attachment
  16. It’s enough that it matters
  17. Approach new opportunities with a beginners mindset
  18. Yoga is a form of language
  19. When the time is right it is right
  20. Allow yourself to be wrong
  21. The invisible has the most power, breathe pain, no thoughts and stillness
  22. Create the right environment in your head first
  23. The majority of people trust you first
  24. Inner language will determine your outer language
  25. We like the same things but have different ways to get there
  26. Losing is not the same as failing
  27. Nothing is good nothing is bad it’s your perception
  28. Discipline serves your spirit and unleashes your energy
  29. Develop your heart not just the mind. This is not about romantic love but the the one force that joins you all up
  30. We look but don’t see, we hear but don’t listen, we see but don’t savour, we touch but don’t feel.
  31. Moments of stillness are like a shot of red bull
  32. Life is fragile
  33. True meditation is achieved by practicing
  34. The mind remembers. Just need to feed it
  35. Self gratitude for your achievements can define future success
  36. I might have gone away for a retreat, but the realisation is that when I went within the answers were there
  37. When you have context you have purpose

Which ones can you resonate with most?

Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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