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10 Things I Learnt This Week

A few days ago we ran our fourth “Wanna Be An Entrepreneur Extravaganza”: An event that seeks to inspire, motivate and educate young adults and business owners towards creating a life they desire.

The event was conceived four years ago while I was on the Landmark Education course, “Self Expression and Leadership”.

As part of this course, we were asked  to create a project that would create an impact on the communities we are involved with,  and my idea was an event that shows people (who do not normally go to these type of personal development events), how changing the way you think can change your life.

The most interesting part of delivering the Wanna Be An Entrepreneur Extravaganza is not only about what the people taking part learn about themselves, but what I learnt about myself and from the attendees.

In addition it has been nearly four weeks since we launched EnSpirit.Global in BETA.  The feedback has been very exciting and in a week where insights have been really important for me I want to share some of  them with you.

10 Things I Learnt This Week...

1. When You REALLY Give Young Adults A Chance They Step Up

During the Extravaganza, while Sarah-Anne Lucas (one of our contributors) was speaking we challenged anyone in the audience to stand up and tell us what they really would love to do in their life.

A young man called Mohamed Bassid stood up and said, we want to help people do what they want to do.

I asked if he wanted to speak on stage like we were, he said yes. At that point I told him he has 2.5 hours to prepare a five minute talk, because by the time he returned he would be joining me on stage to speak to the audience.

He accepted.  We again challenged the audience, at which point three more people said they wanted to also inspire others.   Stuart Avis, Joshua Papworth and Ria Dennie-Child all has the opportunity to speak on stage later that day.  The effect was incredibly special, for the young people and for the audience.

2. When You Ask, The Support Is There

It can be a lonely place sometimes running your own business, but when you ask you do get support.   All the speakers at the event, my family and children, the videographer, the audio, the photographer, all stepped up to support the event without hesitation.  Thank you everyone!

3. I Cannot Be Truly Effective Alone.

Linked to the previous point, I ran the three previous Extravaganzas virtually on my own; booking the hall, getting the speakers, calling the schools, selling the tickets, but it took a lot out of me. 

This time I was able to delegate many things  and that made a huge difference to my effectiveness, on the day and ultimately the experience of the attendees.  

4. It Is Good To Talk

Many things ran through my mind after the event about what went well and what didn't.

Talking about it all to people who were there and people who were not, gave me a great perspective on how good, and bad things were. And the feedback has been great!  Yet even with that...

5. I Know I Can Do Better

I tend to overthink, and procrastinate.  

I am over critical and I can leave things to the last minute.   And then I beat myself up for not doing as good a job, as I think I should. 

All that is quite common but what I see is that it is me making the decision and no one else.  It is my responsibility to create the internal discipline to plan ahead.

6. My Vision Is Bigger Than Me

With Wanna Be and the launch of the platform EnSpirit Global, the vision we have unleashed is much bigger than me.

This means I have a responsibility to all the EnSpirit Global team the contributors and clients to deliver on the vision of EnSpirit Global

7. People Want More

The more you give the more people want. I mean this in a good way, not in a way that people are not satisfied with what you give. 

But when people see what you are doing often they are even more curious about the vision and want more.

8. That I Am Enough

I have a tendency to think I am not enough, or what I am creating is not enough.

Both I learnt this week are not true. Truth be told I probably already knew this, but sometimes you need these reminders

9. Every Word Makes A Difference

The feedback on after the event and from social media after the event shows that words change the world.

All we did is talk at the extravaganza, but perspectives changed and peoples lives were influenced as a result.  Never underestimate the power of words.

10. Small Steps, Big Results

When I take small actions each day I get big results. I notice when I don't take a small step, I start to think why I have not done what I wanted to do and then feel guilty. Taking a small step each day keeps the momentum going.

There is nothing I learnt in the last week that I probably do not learn each and every week.

The thing which is constantly reinforced for me is the importance of  keeping the momentum up. It is all about getting on a roll, and when you are on a roll, magic can happen. There is no doubt that magic happened a few days ago at Wanna Be An Entrepreneur Extravaganza.


Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Founder & CEO EnSpirit Global

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