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You have one life... yes?

Many live like we have many...

You put things off because you must do things that need to be done for reasons that you can't even remember

In the meantime we see life pass us by

The most common single question I get asked “how did you leave your corporate job and start your own business?”

My answer is I had #NoPlanB.

What does that mean?

It means as soon as I knew I didn't want to do what I was doing, I started to mentally plan to leave my job.

I took action to ensure I left on my own terms.

If you are doing what you love - fantastic

If you are not, but are planning to in the near future - super

If you are not doing what you love and are fine with that, happy in the fact you feel secure, and you can do the things you want outside giving your time to something else - congratulations

The people I am talking to are those that are not doing what they love, wish they were doing something else, but not doing anything about it.

Giving themselves and people around them, all the genuine excuses why it can't happen.

You are living the Plan B life...

The life where you are waiting to win the lottery

The life where you think someone will save you

The life where you think an opportunity will turn up, making the decision to change direction easier

The life where you think you will find the courage to make the decision, but your mindset is such that it will never happen.

So what do you do?

Make a Choice to Connect and Converse

#Choose - This is the start.

Start by choosing to do something about what you want to do.

This doesn't mean you leave your job today without a plan.

This doesn't mean you start to spend loads of money of get rich schemes, it means having a shift in mindset.

#Connect - Start to reach out to people who think with a 'can do & abundance' mindset.

Be around people who get you, people who don't settle and what more from life.

#Converse - talk about what you want.

There is a fear that you feel people won't get you or laugh at what you really want.

In my experience, the more you talk about what you want, most people will say 'good for you' and many others will be thinking 'I wish I had the courage to do something as well'.

You will inspire them just by talking about what you want to do.

Live a #NoPlanB Life...

The 10 Commandments of a #NoPlanB Life are

1. Fully commit in what you are doing

2. Focus on what you want to create not the methodology

3. Each challenge is an opportunity

4. Accept & focus on your strengths

5. Serve to serve not to receive

6. Focus on abundance

7. Believe in your impossible

8. Surround yourself with positive people

9. Be open to change

10. Never Compare



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