Steve Carr

Steve Carr

Motivational Speaker | Mental Health Campaigner

My name is Steve Carr and I’m 1 of the U.K's most active Motivational Speakers & Mental Health campaigners.

I have a powerful story that shows how I moved from the toughest challenges in life to becoming a successful coach, motivational speaker and philanthropist.

I explain how I moved from being stuck in a rut to taking charge of my life in the most extraordinary way.

My passion is to help others who don’t have a voice to be heard. I share my journey of moving from addiction, trauma to becoming the success story I am right now.

My mission in life is to empower people to realise their full potential by having the confidence to be seen for their unique strengths, abilities and talents. Learn how I used my life skills to achieve the following in the name of Mental Health.

  • Walked from Lands End to John O‘Groats with just £100 and a tent in just 90
  • Days raising awareness for Mental Health & Homelessness.
  • Walked from Swindon to Downing Street to deliver a report on my findings from the walk.
  • Cycled 1500 miles across 7 countries in Europe in 11 days raising money for charity.
  • Cycled from Liverpool to Lands End raising awareness for PTSD in 4 days
  • Cycled from Barcelona to Paris in 7 days raising awareness for social isolation.
  • Cycled for Swindon to the Lake-district for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016.
  • Ran up Snowdonia raising awareness for ADHD

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