Simon Tyler

Simon Tyler

Inspirational speaker | Facilitator | Coach

Simon Tyler, author of “The Simple Way”, “The Keep It Simple Book” and “The Impact Code”, is an inspirational speaker, facilitator, and coach.

As the Simplicity & Impact Guru, Simon is renowned for his ability to cut through endless complication and frustration, enabling leaders, executives, CEOs, managers and business teams to enhance their impact and liberate more of their potential.

Simon’s philosophy begins with the idea that to move forward you must create space, clear away what isconfusing, and take inspired action to clarify and simplify your interactions with the world.

Simon has worked with high-calibre corporate clients to enhance their professional practice in a way that transforms their approach to business and delivers measurable change in their personal and commercial lives.

This includes being hired by some of the world’s leading and evolving corporations, working with their teams and individually with leaders, including ANZ Bank, BP, Castrol, DuPont, Lloyds Banking Group, Cisco,
 Morgan Stanley, Aviva, O2, PPG, RBS, and Volkswagen Group.

Simon’s inspirational and entertaining speeches and one-to-one coaching are in high demand as he tackles personal and company issues, communicating in simple, impactful, yet extremely effective terms.

He is a quick thinker, with unquestionable presence and connectivity, warmth of personality, accessibility, clarity of diction and humour.

Having spoken at over 700 conferences and workshops and having delivered over 4,000 hours of one-to-one coaching experience with over 750 leaders and executives,

Simon is one of the world’s experienced speakers and coaches. He is known for his clear, supportive and challenging communication.

Simon is a pioneer in the field of personal growth, specifically in the power of attitude, simplicity and impact.

He has professionally appeared in many countries and worked with thousands through the Attitude Vitamin project.

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