Sarah-Anne Lucas

Sarah-Anne Lucas

CEO BirdOnABike, Author, Speaker, Radio Presenter

Birdonabike was founded from a lifelong love affair with fitness and optimum health. From running marathons to Ironman the passion grew and this reflected in the exponential growth of the business.

Building the foundations of Birdonabike came form being a Registered nurse for 17 years. Reaching peaks of performance within the NHS as a Sister of award and Nurse Practitioner, diagnosing and prescribing within the community. Being part of a piloting scheme for Registered Nurses supporting GP’s and the commencement of a master’s degree was truly remarkable.

But the emergency stop of life came.

My autistic son needed mum at home and so did my fractured marriage.

With all my power my son was supported but the marriage was murdered.

This created hunger felt like never before.

3 years later, Birdonabike was soaring.

A published book “It’s Never About The Fitness” which everyday brings the most heartfelt messages received.

Speaking Internationally on Optimum Health, Peak Performance, Resilience and Reaching for your Daily Best.

Taking live streaming to a new level in the business, with daily videos that create a nuclear impact on a multiple level.

The beginning of bringing Birdonabike to the airwaves.

“The Conversation” an hour-long radio show that bravely brings vulnerable conversations to light. Guests from around the globe, from opposing beliefs to opposing professions.

Communicating and conversing is the only way forward to adaptation and growth in life.

Coaching High performing people through a 6-month coaching programme to an online course that is ‘just you and me’ everyday, creating energy and peak performance in your day.

And picking up Women in Business awards along the way.

Birdonabike believes it is your right to be fit, lean and healthy.

This begins and ends with you.

You can have an abundance of energy, create and sustain complete life success within you and your business……

So that you become your children’s inspiration.

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