Marianne Page

Marianne Page

Senior ManagementInspirer, Motivator, Simplifier, Creator, High performing Team Builder…and Hugger

Marianne has 27 years of senior management experience with McDonald’s and now works with 7 figure Business Owners who are victims of their own, often rapid success, and unable to extricate themselves from working IN their business, in order to work ON it.

Through her bespoke McFreedom System, modelled on what she sees as the 4 Foundations of McDonald’s Success - Planning, Process, People and Performance - Marianne gives the Successful Small Business Owner a blueprint for scale, growth and personal freedom.

Marianne has a reputation for being both inspiring and fun-loving, and for taking an area of business that most business owners are terrified of, or resentful of at best, and turning it into something which is easy, enjoyable, and actually gets done.

Her award-winning McDonald’s experience makes her one of the world’s most qualified experts on the practicalities of implementing simple, logical and repeatable systems in every area of your business, and developing your high performing team to run them.

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