Louise Danielle

Louise Danielle

Mindset Coach

Louise Danielle works with visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs to get the success they want without struggling for years.

Over the last decade of working with people,she has seen that most people actually slow their own success by their mindset andwhen it’s resolved, they’re able to move ahead quickly, attract new opportunities,make more money and feel happier in themselves and their lives.

At the age of 1. Louise was homeless but made the decision?to turn her life around.

At 21 she set up a social enterprise to help disadvantaged young people generating over £800,000 within 3 years and was named one of the UK's most inspiring women.

Fascinated by what makes people successful, Louise went on to study NLP, psychology and neuroscience in order to understand what made for a success mindset.

She is passionate about helping people breakthrough their blocks and become the most successful version of themselves. Louise speaks on stages across the world and works with clients privately to get the business, lifestyle and income they are capable of.

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