Linda Burns

Linda Burns

Virtual Implementation Practitioner (VIP)

I feel I am living my life back to front, experiencing much of the joy and freedom I did not have as a child.

As an adult I have had to learn to set boundaries, love and care for myself first and foremost. 

As the attendant always tells us "Fit your own Oxygen mask first"

I support organisations, with practical implementation using knowledge, skills and experience previously gained in leadership and management roles.

I choose to work with organisations that fit with my WHY. 

Essentially their mission is to connect, educate and make a positive difference to others.

Giving each individual the opportunity to be the best they can be both personally and professionally.

Professionally, I have experience working with both 'Mind' and 'The Prince's Trust', supporting vulnerable adults and young people through some difficult changes in their lives.

In previous employment , I took the lead role on government programmes; Extended Schools and Children's Centres, working with the Every Child Matters agenda.


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